What are your stats that got you into Purdue this year and specific major?

I’ll start, I had a 1200 SAT and a 4.22 WGPA, 3.93 UW with quite a few extracurriculars. I was admitted FYE and I’m instate

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Would be helpful to include major and if you are in state or out of state.

FYE Honors College OOS 1500 SAT 4.44 WGPA 15 AP classes, varsity sports every season, lots of EC’s, National Hispanic Recognition Program, etc…


DS22 got into FYE

OOS / 1560 SAT / 3.98 UW / 5.4 W / NMSF
19 APs / 6 DEs / highest math: Diff Eq / multiple awards in math competitions at the regional, state, and national level / math tutor / FIRST Robotics club / volunteering


Both of those stats are very impressive

As OOS applicant to FYE, I think you need high stats to get in. I am just trying to decide between Purdue and Georgia Tech.

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Can’t really go wrong between the two, both are awesome

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4.0 unweighed, 1520 (800 in math), OOS, mechanical engineering, female, 475 volunteer hours, lots of leadership etc…

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As posted in the 2022 EA thread, as are many other data points:

W, F, OOS admitted to CS

4.0uw, max permitted weighted (capped each year)
1st in class of 602
Seven AP 5’s, five AP classes this year
1580 only SAT (other than pre-9th grade)
3x AIME, first chair flute, 4th Dan TKD black-belt, 12 years piano/dozens of public concerts, strong LoRs, I didn’t read her essays.


DS had applied EA for CS and got accepted for alternate major DS. He put in a change of major request last week and was accepted to CS yesterday.

OOS 4.26 WGPA, 1550 SAT, 11 APs by end of senior year, Lots of ECs, PVSA, NMF, top 9% at his high school


Accepted FYE, Honors (Applied and accepted EA)
4.0 GPA unweighted (we grade out of 100, 98 unweighted)
1550 (790M, 760V), NMF
7 APs, more honors (can’t take APs until 11th grade)
BC Calc in junior year. Due to remote learning, they did not cover the whole curriculum - he received a 4 on the BC part and a 5 on the AB part (and is very concerned about if he should start with Calc 2 or 3 at Purdue as he just isn’t sure how well he knows the BC part - but that’s for another post)
Good ECs and Leadership - not amazing, but solid and varied (music, sports, academic clubs)
Some community service - I’d say average
Solid science research, but not engineering based, with some awards
I thought his essays were pretty good - not amazing, but his Honors ones I felt were strong

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Accepted FYE (Applied and accepted EA)
4.0 GPA unweighted (we grade out of 100, 96 unweighted)
1580 (790M, 790V), one sitting
4 APs, some honors (high school offers limited AP and limited honors classes)
Good athletic and service ECs and leadership
No real STEM ECs


Any updates?

As noted above, there are many, many posts in the RD and EA threads.


We just returned from Purdue for Me and the CS tour said their average Math SAT this year was 760 and their average UW GPA was 3.9. They received 7500 CS applications for a class of 400. The DS class is 150 - not sure on application count there.


yeah I went to Purdue’s for FYE and the acceptance rate this year was 33%

Maybe you were in the room downstairs :crazy_face:

The numbers I got upstairs were 7800 applied, 1700 admitted (21.8%) aiming for a class size of 400 (24% yield). Same average Math SAT 760, GPA 3.9.

And for those interested, Honors College is taking over another dorm this fall, aiming for a class of 950, up from 750 in the past. Last fall’s full Freshman class was 10,191, so increasing from ~7.4% to ~9.3% of the class in Honors.

And for those interested, the new AI major will be introduced this fall. It’s not clear how it relates to, or replaces, the Machine Intelligence track that exists in CS. An AI/CS double Major will require 6 extra courses.

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@RichInPitt - Do you know which dorm they are going to use for honors?

Sounds like RichinPitt and I were at the PFM :). Anyway, I did ask and they said either Winifred Parker hall or Frieda Parker hall, I forget which one. They are suite-style.