What are your thoughts about travel in the time of Covid?

I guess I’m the outlier. We have 26 inch and 30 inch bags.


We also have 26” bags. I don’t like to worry about everything fitting, especially if we buy souvenirs. We are strong people I guess. We haven’t had any trouble carrying them, even up 3-4 flights of stairs. They usually weigh in around 25-35 pounds.


It is official: Canada will drop its Covid restrictions on travel next month! Yay. And Amtrak is going to run the Vancouver route again… time to visit beautiful BC for us! :slight_smile:


How is it possible we haven’t talked travel in 5 days - lol.

Anyone want to guess what state Europe will be in next summer? We had a bike trip planned to Italy in 2020, and we know what happened then.
Now we are thinking of rebooking, but I’m kind of worried about Europe overall. Thoughts?

It will be cheap and full of Americans, even more so than this year. Just go in the summer when gas heating isn’t needed…


Just got back from 2 weeks in Scotland, been home a week, no COVID, so I hope we dodged a bullet. There was no masking to be seen, except where required, like the interiors of Edinburgh Castle. We did mask up in air terminals and on the planes, there was maybe 10% at most wearing masks.

Then again, we have 4 vaccinations and had COVID 3 months ago, so I guess we were protected as much as could be expected.

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