What are your thoughts about travel?

@somemom what type of test did you do? I thought the 30 minute PCR tests were ok for Canada?

The site says it uses an RT-PCR. I am not aware of any place in our area giving a “30 minute” PCR that actually provides the results to you in 30 minutes. I think the time for test results is the backlogged system versus the test itself.

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Crossed the Canadian border today, I left myself an extra hour in case of random Covid testing, bureaucratic issues, traffic, etc. There was no wait in regular or Nexus lines, I passed through in a minute or two, both directions. Very simple. US side did not need to see testing or vaccine paperwork.

It feels ridiculous that vaccinated and tested Canadians cannot come down.


So are you saying you needed nothing other than your passport to come back INTO USA from Canada??

Yeah, I’m confused if you meant you didn’t need “anything” going into canada or returning. I was going to look up if we need anything to return to US.

Sorry that was unclear. It’s a bit of a challenge to see the overall clarity when posting from a phone. It made sense to me, but left out an entire sentence!

For Canada- I printed my PCR test results, showed my vaccine card, and showed my ArriveCan document (I printed the confirmation) I am not sure if they would have needed that, but better safe than sorry. I also showed, of course, a passport or other border crossing ID (Nexus/Global entry/etc)

To come to the US as a US citizen, it only took my border crossing ID, no Covid related details were required.


Thank you! Perfectly described. :slight_smile:

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I went to Disneyland yesterday. We live 9 miles away, but I haven’t been in several years. It was a gorgeous day, not too hot and it wasn’t too crowded. The big rides averaged a 20 or 30 minute wait. Masks are required indoors but not outdoors. There are cast members at the doors who tell you to put them on. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and were compliant about the rules.


We’ve travelled twice in the past 2 months. A bit disappointed in the number of people wearing their masks under their noses (or in some cases not at all) in the airports.


I am going on a group tour to Italy in October. We recently had a zoom meeting to discuss the logistic. One thing they talked about was for us to bring Covid self testing kit on the trip. They went into detail about which kit was acceptable, etc. I emailed the organizer after the meeting to ask them to have medical personnel come to our hotel prior to leaving to have all of us tested. I said we are on vacation, so why should we be worried about getting tested. Other people chimed in to say they would be happy to pay for the service if necessary. The tour guide emailed all of us back to say they would arrange it.


We are planning to go on a bike trip in Vermont in October. We had to send them pictures of our vaccine cards.
We are also planning to go to Hawaii next February/March. We have places to stay and plane reservations, and I actually made 1 dinner reservation today (yes, over 5 months out). I will be making more reservations soon. Hopefully things will be better in Hawaii before then.
We are not planning any out of the country trips right now. We are hoping to go to Grand Cayman next year (we want to go in January, but they are now not opening for tourism until January, so we will wait).
We would also like to go to Italy next year, but we aren’t committing yet.


This was a helpful graphic I found for the Canadian border

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Ah… Grand Cayman in January….sweet

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Thanks!! Would love to visit Vancouver… :slight_smile: Maybe, maybe…



Both of our daughters confirmed they are available to go skiing the week before Christmas. We will road trip together to Utah and ski 4 days and come home 12/23. I’m looking at Airbnb’s which we have all felt safe staying in while traveling during Covid. Now we will be hoping for the snow to start soon along the Wasatch Range!


Rural Colorado no masks but me. Drove through Idaho, no masks but me to get gas receipt. Drove then to Seattle, all masks even outdoors. I found my tribe! Wow what a difference!

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That’s how we felt about SF vs our area of PA. It’s a world of difference, no?

But I’m different that I don’t do masks here either unless requested by a sign on a door or something. I have no problem wearing them where others care.

We also don’t go out much, but we don’t stay in 100% either.