what Books To Read for AP French?

<p>Like, not a prep book, but actual books aside from Le Petit Prince</p>

<p>Our class read some of Notre Dame de Paris (though it was a simplified version). The class before us did some Les Mis, I believe.</p>

<p>Augh I hated Le Petit Prince. Existentialism and I don't mix. I suggest...Voltaire, Montesquieu, Guy de Maupassant.</p>

<p>Well, what are good books by them?</p>

<p>I wouldn't consider Le Petit Prince to be existentialist. * La Chute*, which I hated, was existentialist.</p>

<p>I think Maupassant wrote a short story entitled* Les Bijoux *or something. It was pretty good.</p>

<p>^Le Collier, actually. Good story...also made into a 30-minute movie.</p>

<p>Can one of you guys post a link to that book, I'm not sure which one it is. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Voltaire - Candide
Montesquieu - Les Lettres Persanes
Guy de Maupassant - Le Colier
I'm pretty sure you can buy them all on Amazon.</p>

<p>How about Les Misreables?</p>

<p>Look up what was required reading for French Lit. Read that as every book listen is good. Candide is exceptional though. One of my favorites of all time.</p>