What bothers you the most?

<p>For me, I hate it when people say they're gonna do something and then they don't.</p>

<p>It aggravates me when celebrities, who have a generally negative public opinion, die and suddenly everybody thinks of them as the salt on the pretzel.</p>

<p>Michael Jackson would be a perfect example for our generation...</p>

<p>Scoring a bad score on the psat or sat.

<p>I hate the sound of people chewing.</p>

<p>^^^And Amy Winehouse haha</p>

<p>people making smile faces when they are writing...:D:D:D:D:D:D:D see its annoying</p>

<p>Also when I study grammar all night then wake up to find out that i forgot what i studied last night</p>

<p>Amy winehouse was an extremely talented musician who had a drug problem. Michael Jackson was extremely talent but he was a child molester.</p>

<p>^ No, he wasn't.</p>

<p>everyone knows he was</p>

<p>People who are late when I'm on time.</p>

Amy winehouse was an extremely talented musician who had a drug problem.


Well... um...</p>

<p>it bothers me when people act all fussy for no reason</p>

<p>People who can NEVER admit there wrong, even when they know they are.</p>


<p>And snotty jerks who happen to be teacher pets..</p>

<p>^ there's nothing wrong with being a teacher's pet</p>

<p>Yes there is..
Because they get the better grade, while you (who doesn't praise the teacher every small event) study your butt off and get a worse grade.</p>

<p>The stereotypical nerd kids (I have one of those in my Chemistry class) and illogical or vulgar conversations.</p>

<p>^^ sometimes the teacher's pet works harder than the rest of the class</p>

<p>I think there's a difference with being genuinely friendly and a teacher's pet. For instance, I am considered a teacher's pet but It's not my intention. I am very friendly with my teachers and other faculty members not because I want a better grade but because that's who I am. And that can be a benefit. I have been in the position where I was a point away from a higher letter grade and the teacher bumped me. However, I have also been in the position where I was really close with the teacher and our relationship had no influence on my final grade.</p>

<p>Amy winehouse won five Grammys. Adele credits her as an influence. And lady gaga said the same. Back to black is regarded as an amazing album</p>