What California Colleges Can I Get Into

I live in California and would prefer to stay. I have a 4.0 gpa for the UC system and a 4.0 for the CSU system. I have plenty of extracurriculars but I have not taken the SAT yet.
Thanks in advance

4.0 is your weighted-capped HS GPA? Note: UCs are test-optional this coming admissions cycle ( https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/admission-requirements/freshman-requirements/exam-requirement/ ), and CSUs will not consider test scores this coming admissions cycle ( https://www2.calstate.edu/apply/freshman/Pages/first-time-freshman-guidance.aspx ).

For 2019, applicants with 3.80-4.19 weighted-capped HS GPA had the following admission rates to UC campuses, according to https://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/infocenter/freshman-admissions-summary
12% UCB
32% UCSB
33% UCSD
35% UCI
47% UCD
72% UCSC
87% UCR
96% UCM
However, note that some divisions or majors are more selective than their campuses. These majors commonly include engineering majors and computer science.

CSUs admit by major, but many of them are less selective. The more selective ones would be CPSLO, SDSU, and some majors (e.g. computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, animation, pre-nursing) at SJSU.

Intended major?
HS course rigor?

Specific schools and locations?

Plans on taking SAT or ACT?

What is your local CSU? https://www2.calstate.edu/apply/freshman/Documents/CSULocalAdmission-ServiceAreas.pdf

If your CSU/UC capped weighted GPA is 4.0, plenty of options.

assuming that’s your capped GPA. you will be competitive at most of the schools in CA. Do you have a budget? What’s your intended major? and what are you looking for in your college experience?

I plan on getting whatever grants and scholarships I can get and just taking a loan after than. As for intended major, I plan on going into computer science because I have projects and experience related to it or marketing.

Run the Net Price calculators for the Cal states, UC’s and any other schools of interest. UC’s and CSU’s give little in the way of merit aid but are generous to California residents that qualify for need-based aid. What is your family income?

You are eligible to take out student federal loans regardless of income which add up to $27 for the 4 years. After that amount, it will be up to your parents to fund the difference.

What is your college budget? Will your parents help with expenses?

Cal State Tuition is around $7500/year and UC tuition is around $14000/year. Room and board can range from $15-18K/year depending upon campus.

Having a capped weighted UC/CSU GPA of 4.0 will make you competitive at several of the UC and Cal states but definitely not a guarantee for CS at all of these schools. Many UC’s and some CSU’s have below 10% acceptance rates for CS.

First identify 2 safety schools, that are pretty much a guaranteed admission, affordable and you are willing to attend no matter what. One safety can be your local Cal state. Then build your list from there. EC’s are not considered in CSU admissions with exception of Cal Poly SLO.

HS course rigor?
AP/IB or DE courses?
Highest math by Senior year?

for CS, UCSC, SDSU and Chico are all likely to accept you if you are looking a solid degree with traditional college experience.

if you are looking for more of a commuter school, UCR, CPP and CSULB are both worth exploring.

Sac and SF states would be good safety schools.

you really should spend some time on several of these campuses - talk to some existing students to get a feel for what its really like.

I’d add, none of these are worth going into debt over - especially with CCs - essentially being free - with well mapped transfer pathways. They are often the most viable path for the budget constrained.

I don’t know if it matters, but I do get free lunch from my school because of my single mother’s salary . I don’t know of any budget that I have. My 4.0 is capped and weighted. I’d prefer a traditional college route ( 4 years at a university). I have taken APs related to computer science and other science pathways and done well in them and my school offers a lot of APs. (Currently in) My senior year I am taking AP Stats. My local CSU is Sac State, and I really don’t want to attend and I really don’t want to apply.

So what is your FASFA EFC? Getting a free lunch should qualify you for Federal student aid along with Cal grants. Run the net price calculators for each target school to get a ballpark of your costs. Transportation costs and personal expenses will be extra.

Better to get a handle on your costs before applying to schools that are unaffordable. A capped weighted 4.0 GPA will give you many options so run the NPC’s and work on your list.

A safety needs to be affordable, guaranteed admission and you are willing to attend. If money is an issue, community college with a guaranteed transfer for the UC’s by way of TAG is another option.

So if Sac state is not an option, run the NPC’s for San Francisco state, East Bay, UC Merced, Stanislaus, Bakersfield and select 2 for possible safety schools.

I would then look at San Diego State, Cal State Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona, Chico state, Santa Cruz and UC Riverside as possible Match schools. Select around at least 5.

Finally for Low Reach and Reach schools, add UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UCLA or UCB. I would select 2-3.

You might want to run the NPC’s on Santa Clara, University of San Francisco, Universty of San Diego and Chapman just to see if their need-based and merit aid will make it affordable.