What can be considered an extracurricular activity?

<p>So.. maybe you think it is a dumb question (and probably you're right), but I really don't know. Is it just something you're very passionate about ? Or something you do with a group of people ? Some contest you won ?
If I really like a foreign language and I get a certificate that says I achieved a certain level of fluency in that language but I learn it completely on my own, is it an extracurricular ? (and what if I don't get this certificate?)
I have a penpal in Germany (like 5 years now :)), will it count as an ex. activity?
Being a moderator on a forum about sth that intrests me?</p>

<p>I'm quite worried since my only real extracurricular activity is being in a math club and, well, there's not mauch else I could do :/ Hmm, unless contests count. </p>

<p>Thanks in advance ;)</p>

<p>I had the same problem too, just look for some clubs and teams in your school. For example, I'm in math team, newspaper club, band, student council, and Mouse Squad (program where you fix computers). If you don't find any interests in any of the clubs, then maybe you should start your own. I want to start Model UN when we get back to school. I don't think the contests can count as extra curricular activities because you're not really devoted to one thing.</p>

<p>Noooo :( You're actually saying I should sign up for some random extracurriculars, just to get into college ? ;( And the worst of all is that the only possibilities are sports and volunteery work (though the latter one is not even offered in my school).
Hmm, I thought the point of extracurricular activities was to encourage students to explore their passions, and make them more individual, and so on.. Not to make them waste their time on something that just looks good on the application.. (and to be honest, I'm not going to do this... They'll admit me or not - if not, I can always try England xD )</p>

<p>As for contests, maybe I'm not devoted to particularly one of them, but what I meant was:
I like Physics, I learn it a lot on my own (I'd join a Physics club, if there only was one), and I have some achievements that are a result of my passion. (blah, blah, blah)
It really doesn't count ? :/</p>

<p>Most colleges factor ECs at most into merit aid consideration, not into admissions. The few colleges that do factor ECs into admission are places like Harvard that use ECs and other factors to pick and choose among their overabundance of high stat applicants the ones who'll most contribute to creating an active, well rounded student body.</p>

<p>So... bottom line is don't worry about your ECs.</p>

<p>EC's are not limited to school activities at all. My son didn't do a single school team or club, but a couple unique activities outside of school and he was accepted to every school he applied - even his reaches. By all means talk about your interest in foreign languages, your accomplishments outside of school, any jobs you have, any unique interests. My take on it is that (outside of the very very top schools) all they want to see is that you aren't a slug and that you have some personality, so use your list of EC's to honestly show who you are!</p>

<p>Okay, thanks ! :)
I thought about it again, and decided to wait a little, take SAT and then, if the results are good - I can waste some time on volleyball team or whatever, and if they are not I won't even try to apply anywhere :P</p>

<p>And as for now, I'm going to sign up for some summer language courses ^^ (and yeah, maybe they'll affect my SAT scores, so what ? xd) I guess, it's a dumb thing to do to make my whole life dependant on admission process, especially since I'm an international ;p (and 1. my chances of being admitted and granted financial aid are very very very low 2. getting somewhere would be nice, but being rejected everywhere doesn't mean the end of my life..)</p>

<p>btw, you have a really weird admission process, you know it, right ?</p>

<p>And the last thing.. I tried to find a job abroad and guess what ? I'm too young for it ! Excellent xd</p>

<p>No I meant you should look for extra curricular activities you would find to be enjoyable and that you're passionate about. Of course you should do something you like or else you won't be as dedicated to it as possible. If you don't find any you like in your school, make your own or look for one outside of school. :P</p>