What can I do if I can't attend virtual meetings?

I’m going to transfer in the fall 2021, and the college I am interested in is sending virtual meetings. I want to attend them, but they are in the central time and I am in the eastern time zone. I want to learn more information than just looking on the website, what can I do? I thought about calling them, but i am so busy throughout the day.

Ask if the meetings are videotaped and if it is possible to watch the video later on.

Time zone in itself shouldn’t be an issue. Are you just busy with something else at the time of their meetings?

I assume these are presentations attended by many students not just you specifically, correct?

I agree that virtual presentations are often recorded. Have you asked about accessing them at a later time?

My classes are later in the afternoon, and they get in the way. Yes, these presentations are attended by other students. I did not know that they could be recorded, but how do I access these. Should I email admissions and ask them for the recording, or should I just go ahead and sign up and they would then later send me the recording?

ASK. It is up to you to figure it out. The school MIGHT record the sessions, they MIGHT have other sessions you can attend, they MIGHT not be able to accommodate you. If they have enough interest, they might add sessions that you could attend. ASK.