What can I do now to prepare?

<p>Hi, I just graduated from high school and I am quite depressed these days because I will be attending a college that wasn't one of my top choices.
I might get to like the school eventually but for now, I am really unhappy.
I am planning on transferring after the first year and I want to transfer to Duke.
While I have some free time now that it's summer, I want to prepare ahead for transfer next spring.</p>

<p>My sat score is 2010.(highest combine)
I have never taken SAT IIs.
I've never taken any APs because my high school didn't offer any.</p>

<p>Should I study for SAT IIs in summer and take again in Oct? Or Should I study for SAT 1 as well since 2010 highest combined is not that awesome for Duke?
What should I do? I think I need to start preparing now because once the school starts, I really need to focus on getting a good GPA.</p>

<p>Help Me Please Please Please.
I don't know what to do or what I should do or how I should plan to transfer.
I am really desperate ..</p>

<p>I think you're still experiencing the shock of not getting into where you wanted to go to. A lot of people don't. You should really go into your college with an open mind though because if you continue to tell yourself that you're going to transfer out, you're never going to have a good time and are likely to make few friendships and do poorly in your courses. Just wait until you get there and after a month or two, reevaluate whether or not you wish to leave.</p>

<p>I get what you are saying and I agree with you but I am an international student and the college I will be attending is not known so well internationally so it will be very hard for me to get a job in my country later. Also, because no one knows about my college in my country but that college is still so expensive, my parents have said that if I don't transfer out to a well known college, they will not pay for my tuition and that I will have to transfer to a college in my country and save money because they don't want to waste money on a college that won't even be a help when it comes to getting a job in the future...so I kinda have no choice..besides I am not happy about attending my college anyway so even if I might not transfer later, I want to prepare so that I will at least have options later..Please help meeeeeeeeeeeee</p>

<p>You might want to consider taking the ACT. Most colleges don't require SAT II subject tests if one submits ACT scores. </p>

<p>Ask your parents if you can transfer for your junior year. This way, potential colleges will see 1.5 years of college work versus .5. (If your high school record wasn't strong enough to get you into the schools you wanted, then 1 semester probably won't help you much especially once you consider it's much harder to get admitted to top colleges as a transfer). </p>

<p>Read the stickied threads in this forum. Investigate schools. Make a list of potential schools (with their respective acceptance rates) and show this list to your parents. Note that state schools' acceptance rates may be misleadingly high because they include instate transfers from community college). </p>

<p>Get involved on campus, make friends, and get to know professors (office hours are your friend). Don't take any crazy hard classes your first semester.</p>

<p>Get involved in EC's, keep a high GPA, get some solid recs and write a good essay.
I think your SAT is high enough not to retake, definitely dont take any subjects tests.</p>

<p>Liberal arts classes are the easiest to transfer over from school to school, so I would suggest taking courses along those lines.</p>

<p>Anybody with over 1800 SAT score should definately not retake. 2000+ is used to get admitted as a freshmen.</p>

<p>Thank you for your replies!
@hahahahah and Seachai86442</p>

<p>howcome no SAT1 retakes or no SAT 2s????</p>

<p>I heard that it's harder to get admitted as a transfer and.....I want to apply to Duke.</p>

<p>I think 2010 highest combined is toooo low for Duke even when applying as a freshman so I thought I need to retake especially since I am applying as a transfer.....
and same with SAT IIs....most people who get into Duke take SAT IIs so since I didn't take any in high school, I thought I should take them in the fall...</p>

<p>Am I wrong????</p>

<p>? ? ?</p>

<p>To be honest, nobody really knows what SAT scores are acceptable, because nobody keeps track of the data. What is true for one person, may not be true for the group. I don't think anyone here on CC knows if schools consider SATs taken during high school versus college differently. You might want to search this board for past (Duke) transfer applicants' stats.</p>

<p>Again, i would investigate if the ACT works for you, because then you won't need SAT II scores. </p>

<p>What other schools are you considering?</p>

<p>As a Junior transfer, college work would be much more heavier than a 2010 SAT score. Composite or not, it's still a strong score.</p>

<p>^^ Thank you for replying, college-ruled!
I've tried taking ACT before and I did worse than the SAT 1 so I don't think ACT is for me. :/ In that case, should I take SAT IIs? I know I should get a good GPA and get invoved in campus activities but I want to do something now...to prepare for transfer..</p>

<p>I am also considering Cornell and Northwestern.</p>

<p>^Seachai, is 2010 strong enough for top schools like Duke and Cornell when applying as a transfer? I really want to transfer after the first year..my high school gpa was 3.7uw and I had some leadership positions..so my stats are not that strong but I think I will have a chance if I add some strong test scores to those stats?..Give me some advice..</p>

<p>Help me..I really want to transfer after the first year.</p>

<p>If the SAT is better for you, then go for it. I didn't worry about SAT II scores because I submitted my ACT score :). Northwestern "recommends" SAT II scores (Applying</a>, Transfer, Office of Undergraduate Admission - Northwestern University). Required materials for transfers are posted on each school's website. </p>

<p>I recommend expanding your list further. From the College Board's Website
Transfer Students applying to Duke
* Transfer admission stats for fall term:
o Applied: 668
o Admitted: 85
o Enrolled: 40


Certainly "dream big" but you can't count on a 13% acceptance rate. Like with freshmen applications, colleges don't have enough room for all the qualified (transfer) applicants who apply. </p>

<p>Would UNC Chapel Hill be acceptable to you and your family? (It has a whopping 36% acceptance rate). UVA? Vanderbilt? Emory? U Southern California?</p>

<p>I am going to a college that is at par with the schools you've listed above (ranked somewhere in 20s) so both my parents and I would like to aim higher...like Duke, Northwestern, Cornell etc..</p>

<p>I know college is not all about prestige but as a full pay international student,(especially in my country all that matters is prestige really) I don't have many options than to dream big. :(</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your input!</p>