What can I do NOW?

<p>I am interested in applying to Barnard this fall and was wondering about a few things...</p>

<p>-Is there a definitive benefit to applying ED?
-My ECs are lacking but I'm in IB...does that provide adequate compensation?
-Apart from the essay how can I make a great impact with my application?</p>

-What can I be doing the summer before my senior year to make sure my app this fall is the best it can be? (volunteer/study for subject tests/indep. projects/begin essays?)</p>

<p>And I suppose if it's not too personal what were your SAT Reasoning/Subject Test scores? I got 2090 on the Reasoning and am trying to decide whether or not it would be worth my time to try and better it...I'm taking Math II and Chem Subject Tests this Fall!</p>

<p>Much Thanks!!! -Sydney</p>

<p>Apply ED ONLY if this is truly your first choice school. There is a significant advantage going ED in terms of % of acceptance. </p>

<p>I suggest you take the SAT again esp if you have only taken it once. Math II is a tough exam, so, you may want to give yourself time to retake it also. </p>

<p>For the summer, all of the suggestions are good.. you can also consider getting a job. Follow your passion here.</p>

<p>In general, ED benefits the school more than you. Mom1966 is correct that you should only apply ED to a clear first choice. The second thing is that you should only do it if the family finances are such that you do not need to compare the aid offers of multiple schools that would come during the RD round.</p>

<p>Take the SAT I again. Getting to the 2200 range would make you a stronger candidate wherever you eventually apply. You don't need a better score on the whole test, just on parts, since superscoring is apparently rapidly becoming then norm.</p>

<p>yeah my main dilemma is that I know Barnard is my #1 pick, but I would like to submit better scores to them and also be able to shop around for aid a little more...</p>

<p>Check the common data set to see how your individual scores break down. </p>

<p>My d's cumulative scores were in the bottom 25% -- she was admitted RD during one of the most selective admission cycles ever and since has graduated -- but it has now occurred to me that it was very unsophisticated for me to look at the composite scores rather than to look at score ranges and how her score stacked up within each range -- which is how the school reports data. If I had things to do over again... well, I might have figured the school to be more of a match, less of a reach.</p>