What can I do to be better at computer science?

I am a maths student and I learn both maths and computer. Now I’m more interested in computer. But in our school,teachers do not teach us much about theories,not to mention practice.I want to learn more and be a better girl no matter how much it takes.

What is your question? What does being female have to do with any of this?

It has nothing to do with my gender.I just want to strengthen my expertise and be better.

Just to clarify–your wording saying “better girl” sounds like the old-fashioned and sexist idea of being a “good girl” and doing what you’re told to do. So perhaps you meant your question to be more along the lines of “what can I do to strengthen my skills in computer science?”

I’m not sure what you can do if your school doesn’t offer courses that are challenging enough in computer science or information technology. Have you taken all the classes your school offers? If so, then perhaps you could look into dual enrolling in a class at a community college.

I am a sophomore now and I haven’t taken all the classes.

Coursera has many computer on-line courses you may want to look into. Community college courses are another way to strengthen your computer skills. Do you have a CS club on campus?

How far have you gone in your CS studies? Have you just taken the into class? Have you taken Data Structures? Algorithms? Computer Systems?

For me, as a computer science major, I’ve learnt programming best by… programming. I don’t know how far along you’ve gone in your CS studies, but if you want to get better outside of class, find a problem or project that doesn’t look too daunting and try to solve it. Check out sites like project Euler (the mathematician in you might appreciate those problems), coding bat, etc or try to find homework problems from university CS courses.

If you’re a bit more ambitious you can try to take up android or iOS programming. There are free courses on udacity which provide a good introduction to mobile app development. Making apps, even really simple ones, is a fun way to practice programming because you can make something that’s actually useful.

CS and Robotics clubs are also really good ways to practice coding - oftentimes students in these clubs will team up to work on fun or real world projects.

Maybe try getting an internship or summer job at a software company. Nothing you do as an undergraduate prepares you for pindustry. computer science like working in the industry.

If you’re more interested in taking classes udacity, coursers, codeacademy, khan academy, MIT OCW, etc have computer science classes you can take for free online. Additionally there are lots of freely available CS textbooks, videos, etc on the web.

Good luck!