What Can I Do To Increase My Chances?

I am currently a freshman student at a community college. I had a very troubled high school experience and dropped out in my senior year with a 2.1 GPA. I assumed college was not my future and spent two years working and finding myself before discovering my passion for teaching and education (the irony is not lost on me). I got my GED (passed in the 97th percentile) and started college the current semester. I have yet to take my ACT or SAT.

What can I do between now and finishing my AA to maximize my chances to get accepted to McGill as a transfer? I understand I must keep my GPA as high as possible, but what else can I do? Is it even possible for me at this point?

If McGill is not likely at this point, would you all recommend any other schools in the United States or Canada I could aim for? My intended major is a degree in Secondary Education in Social Sciences.

Thank you!