What Can I Expect with my EFC?

<p>I just checked my FAFSA online and it says my EFC is 02495. I'm assuming that means $2495? I'm glad it's that low because I'll be paying for college myself.</p>

<p>So how exactly does FAFSA work from here? Will they meet everything besides my EFC in forms of grants/loans? How much can I expect in grants as opposed to loans, or is it just kind of ambiguous?</p>

<p>I have been accepted to Indiana University and UCLA. I'm waiting to hear from USC (for which I also filled out the CSS Profile) and Pepperdine, which I expect by April 1st. I live in Indiana and have received $10K in merit aid at IU but have not received my final financial aid package. I don't expect any merit aid from the schools in California, so I was just trying to see how far FAFSA would carry me at each school. I know private schools are usually better with financial aid than public, I've heard USC is very good with financial aid, and am hoping that Pepperdine is as well.</p>

<p>What can or should I expect from each school based on my EFC? Based on what I know now, I will be going to IU because I won't have any debt when I graduate. It'd be nice to have an idea of the other schools so I know whether or not I should rule them out just yet. I don't expect to receive all of the financial aid packages much sooner than May 1st so it'd be nice to have some sort of an idea sometime soon.</p>

I have been accepted to Indiana University and UCLA.


<p>Since you are instate at indiana, your best bet would be to attend there as it is going to be the most financially feasible option for your family (graduating without debt is a good thing).</p>

<p>If you are OOS for UCLA is approx. 41k. There is a great chance that unless you are a highly regarded div 1 recruited athlete in a major sport, with a $2,495 you have just gotten an admit-deny as you will not get anywhere near the amount of money that will make attending UCLA a financially feasible possibility. Keep in mind the goal of any public school, whether it is california, indiana or anywhere is is to have an affordable system for their taxpayer base. If you are out of state, the only monies you are going to be eligible for is pell, academic competitiveness grants, stafford and perkins loans. You would not be eligible for Cal grants or in-state tuition.</p>

<p>Hi, I was going to create a topic regarding this too: what could I expect with the following EFC: 06520</p>


<p>Your best bet would be to go to the financial aid pages of the colleges that you have applied to. you can also check the college board website to get an idea as to how much need the school meets, and how that need is disbursed (percentage or grant aid vs. percentage of loans/work)</p>