what can you do w. a JD/MBA

<p>curious to know what you can do w. both ...</p>

<p>Anything a JD can do. Without a JD, you can do everything but practice law. Without an MBA, you can... Do anything an MBA does.</p>

<p>I've always thought the jd/mba option is for corporate lawyers...</p>

<p>Why? Working at a corporate law firm is for corporate lawyers. Law school is law school, not lawyer school. You take what information you want to take out of courses. Schooling doesn't pigeon-hole you as one thing, it's not like you're an apprentice electrician. People on this forum, and people in general who seem to be oblivious to the nuances of life, seem to think that X automatically leads to Y. It doesn't. A JD/MBA could be a hospital administrator or a consultant or an accountant or they could run their own company or they could be a music teacher. Or they could work at McDonalds making fries. Having a pretty degree is a prerequisite for certain things, it makes you a more attractive candidate for things--it doesn't automatically make you successful or put you into one specific profession.</p>

<p>"curious to know what you can do w. both ..."</p>

<p>I assumed the goal of this thread was to find jobs that utilized both degrees. Though it is very nice to know that someone with a mba/jd is very capable of becoming night manager at McDonald's.</p>

<p>Thanks for the update on what the thread is about.</p>

<p>There is absolutely no answer to this that is not bogus. Law school will give you a certain skill set. An MBA, depending on concentration, will give you a certain skill set. There is no job in existence where the prerequisite for your application to even count is both a JD and an MBA. What you can do with both is anything you can do with a JD or an MBA. If you don't know what you can do with it, then you don't need it.</p>