What can you guys tell me about recruiting?

<p>Ok, so on my crew team, my one friend is this amazing rower. She went to Junior Nationals Development Camp this summer. And when she was there she was one of the top 11 rowers, and went to CanAmMex. She sculls and sweeps, and she sculled mostly at Dev. Camp. One of the coaches from Dev. Camp is giving her a recommendation, as is our club coach. She is 5'9" and pulls a 7:30 2k. </p>

<p>Now shes doing her official visits at:
Indiana University

<p>She has about a B average, she took 4 APs. Her SAT's are pretty low though, like an 1140. But all these coaches love her to death. The Indiana coach called her while she was at my house last night and talked to her for like an hour. Theyre just all calling her 24-7. </p>

<p>Shes just worried that her SAT score will keep her out of her top choices or keep her from getting money. So, do you guys think her recruitment can get her into these schools?</p>

<p>I know athletes from my own community at Stanford with lower SAT scores, with full scholarships. For any school that really wants her - without exception - it just isn't going to be an issue. Remember that 25-75 percentile spread you see in all those college admissions books? That means a full 25% of the campus attendees have SAT scores LOWER than the lowest posted score you see. And that doesn't even include all those who were accepted and chose to go elsewhere. I would be willing to wager heavily (and I'm a Quaker so I don't bet!) that there isn't a major college in the country with athletics teams (and I'm including every one of the Ivies) that doesn't have a student with a lower SAT score than the one you posted above.</p>

<p>If she is recruited her SAT will not be a problem at the colleges listed. She would probably have to get in the 1200-1250 range to go higher up the food chain however. I have read a number of recruited athlete bio's in the local paper who have been admitted to the most select colleges with sub-1300 SAT scores. She should probably be more concerned with that B average. Unless it is a solid B+ in a college prep program she will have problems. She doesn't need tons of AP credits but she cannot many soft electives like business math or family living either.</p>

<p>I was attending a conference at Wisconsin in early spring a number of years ago and stayed at the Edgewater Hotel with a room overlooking Lake Mendota. Early in the morning with the temps hovering in the high 30's was an 8 shell practicing. I don't know if it was a UW team or a club, but that was didication.</p>

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<p>Your friend should supply her the coaches recruiting her with a copy of her SAT scores and transcript--they do not have to be official. What happens with athletes is that their admissions are usually negotiated between the athletic director and the adcom athletic liason, not through regular admissions channels. Stats can count, and do count depending on who is in the same pool as the athlete. The adcoms push for the kids with the higher scores as the athletic director wants the better athletes, and some compromise is always done. It depends on how important the sport is to the school, how needed the athlete is on that team, and how strong the coach and athletic director are in the admissions picture. If your friend is one of many recruits that year with similar athletic prowress but he is on the low end with his academic profile, he can get passed over. The coaches can give him a good idea as where his profile stands with the kids he is considering and if he makes the college's cutoffs. I do not know of any HPY athletes with sub 1200 scores, (not to say they do not exist), but I do know of kids going to the other ivies and other highly selective colleges with scores in your friend's range.</p>