What can you say about OSU pre-med program ? (Ohio state university)

Comparing to other universities, what can you say about the pre med program of ohio state university?

As a transfer student, if I will loose many credits hours taken abroad ( OSU didn’t accept a big number of transfer credits hours as other university did- not well ranked) by choosing this university.
Is it worth it?

I will also pay more because of the out of state tuition. 35k$ In OSU . 15-20k$ in other universities. So more depth.
Is it worth it?

We need to know what University you are comparing it to

Went to osu, so here is what I need to say
If you are planning on med school, that is grad school, which means you will have to plan out your money situation for med school now. OSU is a flagship university, meaning that you will take courses at the state flagship level, which means besides ivys and honors level coureses, the courses will be even with other state flagship schools.
Is there anything wrong with your instate college?
Transferring is always a risk of losing credits anywhere. If your intended program does not accept credits, then you will lose time to graduate.
I would say if youre out of state, it might not be worth it because of the things I said . You have to prioritize med school before what you want in an undergraduate university since med school would be the bigger investment. Its like not using money for candy that can be used for a computer per sey.

If you are going to med-school why add the extra financial burden?

thank you for your answer.
Cleveland State, Kent State, Akron, Miami University, bowling green …

thank you very much for your answer !!
i am admitted in Ohio State, Miami University OH , bowling green, Cleveland State, Kent State, Akron … they all accept my credits from abroad… OSU gived me out of state tuition and all the others gived me in state tuition ( I am from ohio but I live abroad)
I saw that the Ohio State University is one of the best universities in USA, and by far, better than the others. is it true?
regardless financial problems, what make OSU different? ( positive and negative)

Congrats on your acceptances! I would say that med schools would only discriminate your coursework if it is taken at a cc and not at a public university. It seems like you are somewhat done with college, so the experience at a state flagship that is going to be very expensive for only a short while might not be worth it.

How does Miami OH compare to the others in terms of costs?
Did you get into the honors college?
I’d think Miami Ohio Honors would be as good as tOSU.