What career or major should I pursue based on my interests?

I am a sophomore communications major, I am transferring to another university and I have a chance to change my major. I wanted advice on what are some potential career paths I could go down or other potential majors based on my interests. I have only taken two classes in my major so far which was Public Relations and Interpersonal Communications and I was interested in both, especially public relations. I enjoy reading and writing; I love writing papers especially conducting research. I am also good at writing essays and have gotten compliments on my writing ability from my professors, I’m just not good at creative writing but I want to be. I’m a curious person and I love researching anything that catches my interest.

I also enjoy communicating with people and meeting new people. I am shy but I am working on it and even though I’m shy I can strike up a conversation with anyone if I put my mind to it. I always keep up with current events and social media. I enjoy watching movies and television shows. I always watch the behind the scenes making of movies out if curiosity of how movies or scenes were made. I also analyze everything I watch like a characters plot development or why the plot of avtv show or movie is going in the direction they it’s on. I also keep up with pop culture events like the the oscars, golden globes, etc.

I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions, I would also like to be in a career that has variety and isn’t a typical 9 to 5 job.

I don’t really feel like I’m in the position to give this advice, as I haven’t even started college, but maybe it would be good just to throw around some ideas or perspectives.

Research and writing seem like they could be applied to almost anything. It seems like you would just have to find a particular field/company that meets your interests. Do you have any particular passion? Any issue in the world you’d like to solve? A topic you love to learn about? Maybe you love history, maybe you love technology, maybe you’re into science/medicine. You mentioned current events. Maybe you could have a job that studies how people were affected by a new policy, or what trends a company should expect following some event. Idek what the specific job title is, but I know companies need people who are able to communicate those things. I think research is super cool, and it’s sooo needed to get anything accomplished. I’m sure if you follow the path you’re on now, do some research projects or internships, you would learn what direction you’re more interested in.

Maybe for being so interested in movies and TV, you could write reviews. I know you’re asking about a career, which I’m not the best source for advice on given my experience lol, but writing like that could even be a hobby (like for your own blog, or maybe for an online magazine) if it wasn’t something you wanted to pursue full time. I think it’s cool you’re analytical about how plots & such get carried out! I’m like that too, but with music videos, lol!

It sounds like you’ve got a great foundation. I hope you are given the direction you are looking for :slight_smile: