what careers in business offer lots of opportunities to travel?


<p>Recently the idea of travel, something that irked me, has really started to interest me, so I was wondering what are some careers in business that offer more opportunities to travel and such (internationally especially)? I know consulting is big on this, but are there others that also offer this?</p>

<p>Oh, and also, if I want to perhaps live in an European country when I'm older, what is the best language to learn for international business in Europe?</p>

<p>Auditors for large CPA firms travel a lot.</p>

<p>^good if they send you to places like NYC, Chicago, SF..all the fun places only. But you may end up in crappy places with no semi-decent restaurant within the 20-mile radius. :)</p>


<p>Sorry to burst your dream, but most people who travel extensively for business don't see anything besides the airports, their hotel rooms and their place of business. Costs for business travels have skyrocketed and if they send you out, you are expected to work round the clock and then fly directly home right after.Hardly any down time and sightseeing.</p>

<p>In addition, the time you spent on traveling is not compensated. So if you are expected to leave for a flight on a Sunday afternoon, your weekend is cut short with no comp time nor over time pay.</p>

<p>If you really want to travel, you should consider working for an airline. Then, you can fly free, and actually have the time to do so on the weekends. However, (on avg) you will not be compensated as well as if you worked in consulting or big 4 accounting.</p>

<p>Although, I'd also consider which jobs offer the most vacation time. I'm not sure what Ibanking offers, but I know consultants who received 4 to 5 weeks of paid overtime (first year), although they may not be able to use all that overtime (due to project constraints) they still generally have enough time to take a couple big trips.</p>

<p>Traveling sucks after a while. I'm an international student, and I'm already sick of traveling ( can't even imagine how I'm goign to deal with this once I have a job)...I'm in a n out of airports an average of once every two months...and it sucks. My mom travels about once every 2 weeks because of her job, and she says that after that first 2-3 times, it justs becomes another part of the routine, albeit it a crappier part.</p>

<p>uh i guess international business or international marketing. I don't know how much free time they get to experience the place but I'm sure they have to understand the culture to be able to continue working cause of that. I was reading Lovemarks for Marketing and the author who worked as CEO for Saatchi & Saatchi ended up traveling all over bc of his job in marketing. From is homecountry England to the Middle East to New Zealand and China to Canada. And it wasn't like oh 1 month thing he spent years and fell in love with all of them.</p>