What careers with this plan?

<p>After much research, scheduling, and consumed time, I have found that it is possible to graduate a certain university with 2 years (12 credits) of Hebrew, 2 years of Arabic, 1 year of Italian, 1 year of Ancient Greek, and a major in English (with a couple of more electives in-between). </p>

<p>I speak fluent Spanish. I'll have 4 years of high school Italian, plus 1 year of college Italian. Intermediate knowledge of Arabic and Hebrew. And some ancient Greek (useless, whatever, it interests me). After college I plan to expand my knowledge in each of these languages, possibly take up some Latin, ancient Hebrew, and modern Greek too.</p>

<p>I'm Christian. I enjoy helping people. I'd love to travel through the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia. I refuse to work for the government. I have a passion for music (I play guitar and bass); I write songs and perform with a worship group twice a week at church. I am fascinated by language and literature. I write well (fiction), but I'm too lazy to do it often. I also love theology and philosophy. </p>


<p>edit: Also, this would be a major in English literature with a minor in modern languages.</p>

<p>It would be a Major in Sidewalk Engineering (It's a Turkish saying, basically means youll walk around all day along the sidewalks unemployed.)</p>

<p>Some sort of religious ministry? Perhaps go to seminary?</p>

<p>Missionary might be a good option unless you have considerable student loans.</p>

<p>How about looking into be an interpreter - I don't if your skills are advanced enough for the UN? Maybe Peace Corps/USAID?</p>

<p>Take a look into these opportunities.</p>