What category does online courses go under

Hello, I’ve taken two online courses at Stanford University, and I have gotten certificates for it, but they do not count as actual college work, like community college credit.
In what category of activities should this be in, I don’t see it as an honor, but I’m not completely sure.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Extra-curricular activity.

When my kids completed the UC apps, there was a section for non a-g courses. I agree you could also list under ECs.

The UC Application has an Educational Prep Program option under the Activity section. It depends upon what categories are available on the application.

I jsut feel like two online courses, are a little too little for an entire EC/activity, but I guess it makes sense.
Should I put those two courses together into one activity, or two separate?

Where are you planning to list the courses? If you put them in the Academic prep section, list them separately. The UC’s have expanded the activities section so there room for up to 20 activities.