what chance to U OF CHICAGO or top 10 university

My son is a junior,GPA3.9 unweighted,5AP all 5s,770 literature sat2,800 US history;ACT34,EC:sec-gen 2019 of a Model UN,school year book chief editor,youth council member. A lot of national writing award and Latin award.What his chance to university of Chicago or Duke or other top 5-10 universities.

Academics, although strong, are necessary but not sufficient to get into those top schools. Your son’s ECs do not stand out. Those who gain admission, other than those who hooks (e.g. recruited athletes, first gen college, URM), have academics as strong as if not stronger than your sons and their ECs reveal more initiative, service to community, and/or greater accomplishment.

Agree with the above. Unless you have a significant hook, all of these schools will be almost impossible for your son to get in.

However, there are so many great institutions where your son would thrive. Good luck!

It’s tough, but not impossible. Even if you don’t have a hook.

His grades and test scores are fine. It’s hard to tell if the ECs will show him as a student that fits at the college or not since this is just a bare bones list with no description. The ECs could be a bit thin or they could really show something special - no way to tell without seeing how he describes them in the app and how they fit with his essays. For your son, I think that the deciding factors will be things you haven’t listed - quality of essays and how he demonstrates that he fits at the college (even the top selectives are looking for slightly different things), quality of the LORs and how those demonstrate he fits at the college and how the overall app is structured (I’m avoiding using the phrase “packaged” because for some people that has a negative connotation) to show who he is and how that fits.

Bottom line, based on a couple of sentences listing brief stats, nobody can tell you if your son would be accepted or not because the top selectives are looking at the essays, LORs and overall app to understand intangibles that don’t show up in a list of stats.