"What Classes Are You Taking" 2.0: Class of 2021 Edition

Hi guys,
I wanted to revive this topic to see what everyone else on CC matriculating to Stanford was planning on taking during fall quarter. Here’s mine:

SLE 91 (8 units)
CME 100 (5 units)
CHEM 31X (5 units)

Total: 18 units

P.S. Maaaaaan, that premed grind where I could have taken CHEM 33 but have to waive my AP credit to take 31X…

PWR1 - 4 units
CHEM 31X - 5 units
Some elective - 1 unit
MATH 51 - 5 units
Introsem - 3 units

18 units too… thinking about dropping something though

There’s a reason freshmen are encouraged to take only 12-15 credits first quarter. Seriously. Stanford considers adjusting to college to be the equivalent of a class. That adjustment, both social and academic, is going to take up a lot of energy. Plus, if you are swamped your first quarter you are going to miss out on so many other things that you will not have a chance to do later, including making friends. You’ll come back after winter break and find that everyone else is in tight friend groups and you’re kind of on your own. You have twelve quarters to fill with lots of classes. First quarter is not the time to prove you are an academic workhorse!