What classes are you taking this semester?

<p>I'll be a freshman. I've got:
-First-year Arabic
-Discrete math
-Linear algebra
-Computer science and society
-Cultural diversity
-Religious extremism
16 credit hours total.</p>

<p>Not as meaty as I might like due to some requirements, but not bad overall, I'd say.</p>

<p>Currently (Summer):
Calculus II - Just took the final, A
US History I - Most of the way through the course, not much chance I get less than an A unless I slack completely the rest of the way.</p>

<p>Fall (Tentative):
Calculus III
Linear Algebra
General Physics I
Elementary Japanese I
15 credit hours.</p>

<p>Shouldn’t be too bad, other than the fact that I haven’t taken two math courses at the same time before.</p>

<p>I’m currently take Trigonometry, and Intro to Communications(speech) for summer classes. Finals are coming up next week though. I’ll have an A in both classes unless something incredible horrible happens on the final, which I’m not anticipating. Then I’ve got three weeks off before fall classes start.</p>

<p>For fall, I’m going to be taking-</p>

<p>General Physics I(algebra/trig based)
Calculus I
General Chemistry I
Intro to Anthropology
Beginning Spanish I</p>

<p>I’m going to have 21 credits this fall, so I’ll be busy. It’s only 5 classes, but physics and chemistry are each 5 credit courses due to the extra lab work.</p>

<p>For fall quarter:</p>

<p>Linguistic Analysis I
English Grammar*
Calculus III (for science/engineering majors)
Language and Sociocultural Anthropology</p>

<p>I’m a double major in linguistics and computer science, going into my second year. I want to replace the English Grammar class with Computer Structure and Assembly Language if I can, but it was full for pass 1 registration and I need to wait until pass 2 registration to waitlist (not until September due to freshman registration). Whether I manage to do that or not, I’m looking forward to my classes. Calculus is the possible exception to that, but even then I like math enough to where it won’t be terrible; I’m just not as interested in it as my other classes.</p>

<p>Real Analysis I
Thermal Physics
Mathematical Physics I
Numerical Methods</p>

<p>I’m an applied math/statistics major trying to get my minor in physics over with in the fall quarter. Real Analysis is the “hardest” course at my university, but I’ve watched some lectures on YouTube from Harvey Mudd (which is actually just 5 minutes away from my apartment) on it and I’m not actually too phased by how difficult it’ll be. I think I’m just going to try very hard to crush the course. I’m not too worried about mathematical physics, I think it will be a joke class. I also think that numerical methods will be a joke. Thermal physics I have no idea how to feel about this class, it kind of actually makes me nervous. I want to see the book for the course and read ahead before fall quarter starts, but I’m broke. I think it should be okay overall, though.</p>

<p>Fish Conservation and Management
Calculus for Bio/Natural Resource Majors
Music in World Culture
Introductory Zoology</p>

<p>Only 13 units, but the first semester at a new college in a new town with new roommates in a new house…taking it easy.</p>


<p>Statistical mechanics
Engineering physics capstone design
Senior physics lab
Game programming
OpenGL rendering
UNIX programming
Social issues in computer science</p>

<p>This fall I’m taking:</p>

Intro to Literature
Geometric structures
Intro to educational technology</p>

<p>14 hours so it shouldn’t be too bad. Definitely worried about Spanish though!</p>

<p>Fall semester- Freshman, I’m am education major</p>

<p>2nd semester English
Math 109 A- Teaching Math
Religions of the globe
Intro to Psych
Wellness and physical fitness
Univ 101- freshman seminar</p>

<p>It’s 17 Credits</p>

<p>Engineering Math Methods
Petroleum Rock Properties
Petroleum Engineering Computational Methods
General Physics II</p>

<p>Devised Theater (1)
Elementary French II (4)
Honors Zoology (4)
The Human Experience: Who Am I? (3)
Holocaust Literature (3)
The Principles and Fundamentals of Chemistry (3)
Cardio Kickboxing (1)
Weightlifting (1)</p>

<p>20 hours, second semester freshman. I’m excited!</p>

<p>Fall 2013:</p>

<p>-Calculus I
-General Chemistry I
-Introduction to Planning and Public Policy
-Nutrition and Health
-The Environment and Health</p>

<p>17 credits. I’m a rising sophomore, majoring in Public Health (Pre-Med track) with a Minor in Biology. Shouldn’t be too much to handle. I’ve been watching Chem and Calc lectures to get a head start, since the failure rate for both classes is through the roof. Sounds fun lol</p>


<p>Calculus isn’t too bad once you understand applications and why it is important.</p>

<p>Chemistry on the other hand depends heavily on the professor and what you are expected to remember. Depending on the person, remembering the Periodic Table could be difficult, but for the most part if you remember the formulas (and are able to use a Periodic Table for exams) you should be fine. I think the main reason people fail is lack of study and not practicing enough.</p>

<p>If you let the high failure rate get into your head, it will likely mess with you. If you go in and do your best and study enough, you’ll be great</p>

<p>^You’re 100% right. Once you believe you’ll fail, you actually do worse.Thanks for the advice! :D</p>

<p>This summer I’m in physics e&m and statics. </p>

<p>For the fall I have: dynamics, mechanics of materials, bio 1, soil science, intro to abe seminar, and soil&water engineering. I just changed my major to agricultural engineering, and I’m super excited for my classes.</p>

<p>Rising Sophmore :)</p>

<p>O Chem 1 + lab
Physics 1 + lab
Calculus for the life sciences
Public Speaking
Religions of the world</p>

<p>Transfer students, so I’m a junior :)</p>

<p>Women/Sex Roles/Culture
American National, State and Local Governments
Intro to Statistics*
Sociological Analysis** (waitlisting)
Intro to Crime and Criminal Justice*</p>

<p>All the * classes are part of my major (CJ). The two other classes are upper division GE courses that I’ve picked. We have to take a total of 9 UD GE courses in order to graduate. Also the Statistics is a 4 unit course. </p>

<p>Total of POSSIBLY 16 units, so possibly max load this year.</p>

<p>Electrical Circuits 1
Digital Logic & Lab
C++ and Matlab Programming
Multivariable Calculus
Differential Equations</p>

<p>Help me…</p>

<p>World Civilizations I
Architectural Drawing I
Construction Systems
Design I
Color and Materials
History of Philosophy, Ancient
Survey of Art: 19th Century</p>

<p>Mandatory classes that add up to 18 credits next semester and a whopping total of 7. Apparently this is the “norm” for sophomores in my major at my school, but honestly I’m freaking out a bit at this work schedule and workload. I might decide to drop one class depending on how I feel about my capability in managing these when school starts up. ^^;
Well, I am excited to finally get some core classes for my major but the liberal arts electives are a bit ridiculous (All I need/want is philosophy lol)</p>

<p>Major(s): History & Earth Systems Science</p>

Roman Frontiers
Chemistry I
Environmental Earth Science & Applications
Historical Methods
Latin I</p>

<p>Total Credits: 20</p>

<p>Looking forward to a fun/busy semester!</p>