What classes can I take for my major?

<p>I got into entry level chemistry, and I was wondering where I could find a catalog of classes that are available to me for this major</p>

<p>[Course</a> schedules | Office of the Registrar](<a href=“http://registrar.utexas.edu/schedules]Course”>Course Schedules | Office of the Registrar | The University of Texas at Austin)
[Catalogs</a> | Registrar | University of Texas at Austin](<a href=“http://registrar.utexas.edu/catalogs/]Catalogs”>University Catalogs | Office of the Registrar | The University of Texas at Austin)</p>

<p>The first class you will take is principle of chemistry I (CH 301 or CH 301H). I talked to some of the Chem advisors yesterday at UT ( I’m an entry level Chem major too :D)</p>

<p>Kool kool. Thanks alot.
We should totally take the same chemistry classes :p. I’ve been researching which teachers are best. Although, if I get a 4 on the AP Chem exam I might skip over CH 301</p>

<p>^yea I’m In AP Chem atm as well :slight_smile: I thought I was gonna take the AP but the chem professor at UT said it would be a bad idea to skip over 301, and she said I should take 301h (honors version) So just make sure you talk to a Chem adviser or w/e because it might depend on your situation.</p>

<p>Omg if you take CH 301, try to get Dean Laude if he’s still teaching next year. I love him, he’s hilarious and super smart. What teachers did you hear were good /bad in general :o?</p>

<p>Whoa, are you in honors? Tryhard. I hate you already. :smiley:
Alrighty, but did your adviser mention anything about skipping over Ch 302 or Ch 204? Getting a 4 on the exam gives you credit for those classes too.
Yea, I heard a bunch of good things about Laude. He teaches CH 302, too.</p>

<p>lolz, I feel like a stalker, looking up professors and stuff :p</p>

<p>Lol im not in the honors program, but I’m applying for Dean’s Scholars second semester >:D</p>

<p>Nah she only talked to me about CH 301, you can probably email them or something. Also , if you look online at course catalogs from past years they have info/notes about each class. Haha i must be a mega stalker because I went on RateMyProfessors for like an hour and looked up classes I might want to take XD I hope the advisers at orientation are helpful D: I mean I’m trying to figure out alot of my classes now but still.
UGHHH there are so many choices </p>

<p>Yea I hope i get Laude but he used to teach my super smart brother so hopefully he doesnt compare us hahaha.</p>

<p>Nice attempt at an evil smiley face ha
Wow, rate my professors is a pretty good site. I don’t remember the exact address of the site I use; I just google search pic a prof and choose the first result and the site has the average GPA of students for different courses. Right now I know I am going to take a UGS course and M 408D andddddd w/e chem class I take might depend on my ap chem score…
I just found out my friend’s dad had Laude is an advisor when he was in college and said he was awesome. I definitely want Laude now, in a semi-stalkerish kinda way</p>

<p>Lol nice successful evil smiley. So far I’m thinking of taking CH 301H, CS 314 (Data Structures), UGS 303 (Research Methods… If I get into FRI), M 408D, and for the last one probably some general ed requirement ?</p>

<p>-waits for some wise upperclassman to confirm that these are good schedules- haha</p>

<p>Can you take the honors course without actually being in honors? I heard honors courses are sorta the same as regular ones, except classes are harder, but its okay because the classes are small enough for more teacher focus on specific students? idk</p>

<p>^yea I’m not in honors program ( at least not yet) and I’m taking honors chem. The classes are just more in depth over the same material. At least that’s what the Chem ppl said to me.</p>

<p>I would assume classes would be smaller, hopefully</p>