What classes did you seriously regret taking?

<p>Whether it is workload, difficulty, time conflicts (morning or late classes), tell me.</p>

<p>Right now I regret taking a class called Linear Programming/Optimization. I am a Physics/Math major and plan to go to grad school and this class has little or none to do with physics...</p>

<p>Assignments take us at least week and a half to finish. We don't have a textbook and we rely on our prof's messy writing notes and we don't even have solutions to exercises...</p>

<p>In terms of midterms, they are rushed, but content was fair. That also left me no time to check my mistakes.</p>

<p>Class averages are in the 70s, but the max score has always been 85 or lower</p>

<p>Physics. I was terrible at it, and didn't even really need it for my major.</p>

<p>Material and Energy Balances. I would have dropped it but then I would have dropped to part time and would have to pay back scholarship money. Instead I got a D.</p>

<p>Class averages were in the 40s and 50s most of the time and I remember on one quiz in particular, the median grade was a 0. The professor said that he wouldn't consider curving because that would be grade inflation and would just be babying us.</p>

<p>I'm really glad I got out of chemical engineering and into chemistry...</p>

<p>I actually like all of my classes and professors this semester, and I like the times as well... I have at least a 1-2 hour break between most of my classes, and I didn't get stuck in an evening lab section for chem. However, I'm really worried about next semester. Registration is in less than a week, and I am still not sure what I'm going to do yet. Also, while I don't regret taking any of the classes I'm taking this semester, I do kind of regret NOT taking a freshman seminar and waiting till next semester to do so. I wish I had taken a freshman seminar this semester and maybe one of the classes I'm taking this semester, next semester.</p>

<p>Psychology 1. It's a complete waste of 4 units.</p>


<p>Two classes:</p>

<p>Political Science: It's just too early, and I'm not on my A game at 8:00 am. I don't mind the class, I would just rather take it later in the day.</p>

<p>Macroeconomics: Hate, hate, hate. I hate everything about this class. We talked about diapers (I wish I was kidding), duck hunting, deer hunting, and Big Macs for an hour and fifteen minutes. None of it had anything to do with the subject. </p>

<p>He lies about our tests and repeats the same boring, weird stories over and over again. </p>

<p>Never taking another economics class again.</p>

<p>"Ethics in Reproductive Biotechnology." It was part of a general ed. requirement, and the professor was AWFUL. Her syllabus was sloppy and she never stuck to it. She forget the deadlines to some of her assignments because she didn't have them on the syllabus nor apparently even wrote them down. She took our words for it...</p>

<p>Though, it's hard for me to regret learning about anything, even if the course is a pain to get through. It's still knowledge earned.</p>

<p>^ Nova, that class sounds like a dream to me. </p>

<p>On that note "New Horizons in Biotechnology" has been my least favorite class, at least in recent memory. The course description said we'd be talking about the cutting edge of biotechnology and the ethics behind it. Considering my minor is in bioethics, it sounded fabulous. What do we do? We talk about plants and things my prof does with plants. And then we talk about plants. And when we're not doing that, her and a farm girl in my class are fighting about genetically modifying cows (which you would think would be interesting except that the farm girl is a total brat, and while she makes good points, the sound of her voice and the words that come out of her mouth make me want to throw something at her). And then we talk about plants.</p>

<p>^ My course would have been more engaging with a better prof. Some of the topics were interesting to discuss (such as eugenics). But it's pretty sad that one of my advisors actually advised me not to take a course from that woman. She spoke very slowly and in monotone, and didn't know how to work the computer/projector well at all, which was the bulk of the class. I later took a more difficult bio course for another gen. ed. requirement just to avoid her. And I'm not a science major, so that was quite the decision.</p>

<p>First Year Seminar: Culinary Memoir.</p>

<p>The teacher treats us like we are high school students, and it is too much writing. I've exhausted all of memories for now and I'm a week behind in journals. 1 a day preferably at 300 words. I think it is more that she treats us like we are still freshman in high school. The challenging part for me was switching from essay mode to story mode in my writing.</p>

<p>Plus it won't transfer over to my new school. It was a blessing in disguise because since it wouldn't transfer they allowed me in sooner since I had less than 12 credits coming in.</p>

<p>Quantum Physics</p>

<p>I tried taking it as a freshman and I have an A- right now, and its bringing my GPA down.</p>

<p>haha jk jk</p>

<p>I'm regretting a bit taking organic chemistry as a freshman. I was able to sweet talk my way out of gen chem with a 6 on the IB HL exam and as much as it's nice to not have to repeat material it can be a little overwhelming at times. I'm doing ok so far, hopefully that won't fall apart as the year goes on.</p>

<p>Spanish 1. Not that it isn't useful and wasn't a good class to take, but I wish I had known upon registering for it that it wasn't going to count towards my degree and that I used up one of my limited elective credits to take it. Sigh.</p>

<p>math: introduction to proofs. Teacher is a cold beeeach, and making the course way more difficult than it needs to be.</p>

<p>I regret taking up my math minor in general, because none of this is of any use whatsoever. Should've gone with com sci minor</p>

<p>Sociology. Easy class but I have no motivation to do well so I don't....</p>

<p>Waste of three credits, SMH</p>

<p>Ugh. A Poli Sci class I took last winter, for sure. I thought it would be cool, but the professor was totally disorganized and would literally sometimes just talk at us for an hour and a half about things completely unrelated to the reading. Ugh. The class discussions also had nothing - literally nothing - to do with the papers we wrote, which were our only grades. God I'm glad that class is over.</p>

<p>Discrete Structures. I took it when I was a computer science major, twice. The second time I took it, I had pretty much decided to chance majors, and that is the one that I regret. I had to drop it both times, though. I most likely didn't put enough effort into the class in order to do well, but the instructor was really rude to us sometimes and did not make conducive my desire to attend class.</p>