What classes did you take junior year?

<p>Go ahead, list them all</p>

<p>Taking these right now.</p>

<p>APs: Chemistry, Physics C, US History, Language and Composition, Psychology, Environmental Science, Calculus BC.</p>

<p>Psychology, Lang., and Environmental Science are a joke. Calculus and Physics C have a medium difficulty and correlate. APUSH is memorization. Chemistry is the only class I find difficult.</p>

<p>How time consuming is AP Chem and US History for you?</p>

<p>Pre-Calculus Honors
Philosophy Honors
Jazz Band/Concert Band Honors
English 11 Honors (no AP available for juniors)
AP Music Theory
AP US History
French IV Honors</p>

<p>I originally signed up for AP Chemistry, but the course proved too much for me, so I dropped it. Instead of taking a study hall, I asked my counselor to put me in another academic class during that block, so I ended up with Philosophy. <em>facepalm</em></p>

<p>It depends on the person.</p>

<p>If you tend to grasp concepts fairly easily AND remember them then it's an average of an hour and a half a day. If you enjoy science, like I do, I would recommend Chemistry solely based on the fact that it provides a strong base for college. And APUSH isn't that bad if you just read over your notes everyday.</p>

<p>IB English 11 HL
IB History of the Americas HL
IB Spanish SL
IB Information Technology in a Global Society SL
IB Theory of Knowledge
Honors Pre-calc
Honors Chemistry
Racquet Sports (obviously my hardest class,lol :p)</p>

<p>My schedule seemed a lot more intimidating when I signed up for it sophomore year but honestly it's not that bad.</p>

<p>AP Calc AB
AP Physics C
AP Lang
Honors Spanish III
Religion (I go to a Catholic school)
Academic Decathlon (won a bunch of medals, 1st place Super Quiz, team 1st place overall)</p>

<p>I wanted to take another AP class (AP Chem), but religion is mandatory and I really wanted to do AcaDeca (which is a class on itself).</p>

AP Physics
Honors Precalc
Honors English (No AP English for Juniors at my school)
Study Hall

<p>AP Calc BC
AP Chem
AP Bio
AP Lang
Regular US---dont like Social Studies
Spanish IV (Honors)

<p>AP Comparative Politics and Government
Language Arts
Honors Advanced Math (Pre-calculus)
AP Chinese
Theology (College credit)
Concert choir
Chamber choir

<p>I tooook:</p>

<p>Honors English
Honors Chem
AP Art History
AP US History
Algebra II
Spanish II

<p>Not the most rigorous of schedules, but there you go :)</p>

<p>Taking right now as Junior:</p>

<p>Calc. AB
Chemistry AP
AP English Lang.
AP US History (APUSH)
Latin III Independent Honors
Marching Band</p>

<p>at community college: philosophy</p>

<p>I'm going to be taking:
AP Biology + Honors Bio Lab
AP US History
AP Art History
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors English III</p>

<p>Will be taking:</p>

<p>AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Psychology
AP Calculus AB
Honors English
Honors Chinese
Honors Band
Honors Choir
Religious Studies (mandatory)</p>

<p>AP Calc
AP Bio (this is two classes; we have block scheduling)
AP Physics B
AP Stats
AP Pysch (self studying--if that counts as taking a class)
Honors English II
US History 2 accelerated course (not AP)
This is the most rigorous at my school.</p>

<p>I'm a Junior, so here's my schedule (block)</p>

<p>First Term:
AP Physics B
AP U.S. History
AP Statistics
Psychology 1P</p>

<p>Second Term:
Photography 1
AP English Language and Composition
Computer Technology</p>

<p>Third Term:
AP Physics B
AP U.S. History
AP Statistics
Piano Lab</p>

<p>Fourth Term
Photography 1
AP English Language and Composition
Psychology 2</p>

Spanish 2
English 3
Environmental Science
Moral Issues
Digital Photography </p>

<p>Since my school offers like 3 APs this is "rigorous" in my school.</p>

<p>AP English Language
AP Calculus AB
AP US History
AP Macroeconomics (1st semester only)
Spanish V Literature
Honors Physics</p>

AP U.S. History
Math B (silly state course which is the "equivalent" of Geometry and Algebra II)
Spanish III
Business Management

<p>IB English III
IB Chemistry
IB Theory of Knowledge [First semester]
H Genetics [second semester]
IB Maths HL/AP BC Calculus [I'm on a block schedule so I have Calc every day since it's basically Calc I and Calc II]
IB History of the Americas
IB French
IB Psychology</p>