What classes do you reget taking in college?

<p>For all you bankers and future bankers, what classes did you regret taking in college?
And any advice on classes that we should take if we aren't business majors but want to work at wall street?</p>

<p>Even if you are not a business major, if you have the time to take some intro finance/accounting courses - they would definitely be helpful to at least provide you with some of the basics in terms of valuation and financial statement analysis.</p>

<p>In terms of classes to avoid - that really depends on your major and interests, but I do know of some students who were not math majors, but elected to take advanced math and stats courses to get an edge - don't bother. You don't need advanced coursework in either of these subjects and they often do more harm than good considering students often take these classes at the expense of their GPAs.</p>

<p>I have no regrets; but if I could do it again, I would have taken more accounting credits.</p>

<p>I was a Finance/International Business Major; I'm now a MBA/Finance candidate. My MBA is international. I do international business consulting in emerging markets VC. I own my firm. My weakness is always accounting. Now because I'm so advanced in my career I just self study what I need... and/or hire accountants. ;)</p>