What classes should I take if I plan to go to university in Europe?

What subjects/core classes should I be taking to go to university in europe?

foreign language to become fluent in the language would be a good idea :grinning:

That’s going to depend on what you plan to study. Universities in Europe tend to admit direct to major and will require you to present with specific high school subjects. I suggest researching the specific admissions requirements for the programs at the schools you’re thinking of applying to.

Yeah im trying to look into that right now but do you know of more general classes I would need?

At my school there’s only french, spanish, and chinese. Not the languages that I want to learn or go to the speaking country of those :frowning: I am learning on apps though

Each country, each university, each major may have its own specific requirements.

Where do you want to go and what do you want to study?

The undergrad experience at a European uni is more like junior grad school (at a public). Oh, and they would care mostly about your AP (or Cambridge, or other standardized subject matter) test scores in relevant subjects for admissions.

Does your school offer APs or IB? Take those for sure. Language of where you want to study seems obvious. If your high school doesn’t offer it maybe you can do it online or dual enrollment at Commmunity college??

I have no idea what Im going to study (maybe something medical or fashion design) but the countries Im looking into are slovakia, italy, spain, czech republic, netherlands, denmark, finland, new zealand, and the alps

Since European undergrad is like junior grad school (so you’re expected to know what you want to study and have already prepared for that subject), figure that out first.

Also note that all American colleges have study-abroad programs.

Yes, I am taking APs and i just found a college program that’s gonna teach russian and arabic for free in the summer actually! However, it said that 3 credits will be transfered if I take those so im not sure how it would compare to a full year course.

3 credits would only be like a small version of a college first semester language course (colleges vary in terms of how big their normal beginner to intermediate language courses are, from 3 to 5 credits per semester).

Because Arabic is considered a relatively difficult language for English speakers, it typically takes more credits worth of courses to reach a given level of proficiency than some other languages like French or Spanish.

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For fashion design your portfolio will be more important than grades.

For medicine, AP chemistry and biology and ideally Calc BC or Physics, plus fluency in the language of the country.

You really need to pick a path.

Why these particular countries? Would you have the right to work there post-graduation? If not, medicine may not be a great choice in terms of working back in the US.

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