What classes should I take?

<p>Well, I haven't really posted in forums yet. This is my first time. Hello everyone! </p>

<p>Here's the situation. My dream college is to go to MIT or Caltech, I can't imagine myself going to an Ivy League.
To start, I'm taking AP Biology which would surely look good to either University. I am number one in my class rank, and insofar my GPA is 5.0. </p>

<p>Anyways, I was wondering about taking classes at a community college. This year I'm taking Algebra 2 (I took Algebra and Geometry in Middle Schoool). This summer I can take Pre-calculus, and I can take AP Calculus AB next year! Seven periods of school, and AP Calc takes two of them. I am thinking of taking AP Physics next year since I'm currently taking Physics now. Also, I need a year of American History, so I'll take AP U.S History. The last three periods are reserved for P.E, French III, and English of course. </p>

<p>The summer of that year I think I'll apply for internship. </p>

<p>Which gets me into Junior year.
AP Calculus AB is the highest course in my high school, so I was wondering if I can take Calculus BC at a community college. Perhaps I can take some other form of science or engineering class. That's as far as I went in my high school planning</p>

<p>So I ask of you, what can I or should I take for dual enrollment.</p>