What college and majors should i get if i want to be an image consultant?

<p>Should I major in psychology? Business stuff? Please help...</p>

<p>What is an Image Consultant?</p>

<p>If by image consultant, you mean the PR guys that handle rich peoples response to allegations and stuff, it is probably more of who you know than what you know.</p>

<p>Yep, doesn't matter what you're major is, it matters a lot more what school you go to and your personality and self-confidence. </p>

<p>Yesterday, I was reading a Rice University post-graduate survey and noticed a psychology major got a job as an investment banking analyst right after graduation. I was like ***? But that helped me realize that those kind of jobs care much more about what school you went to then what your major was.</p>

<p>Wait a second, are you talking about a fashion image consultant?</p>