What college should I transfer too with 3.5 GPA ?

I have 3.5 GPA on 32 credits in Computer Science Degree. I am an international student and my only concern is affordability. My family can contribute $10K per year.

I am in community college and I have to transfer, I am having trouble finding what college would cost under $10K?

Please help me, I don’t think I have many options as I have a low GPA.
Location doesn’t matter to me (can go anywhere except Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii)

I just want to transfer to a descent and affordable college.

You need to talk with the Transfer Advisor and the International Students Advisor at your community college and get help with this. There isn’t a lot of aid for international students, and there isn’t a lot of aid for transfers, so your situation is very, very difficult.

Your GPA is fine. Your issues are…you only have $10,000 a year for college costs…and you are an international student.

When you started at the community college, what was your plan for when you finished there? Was there one?

Where is your family?

Take a look at Brigham Young University

College of the Ozarks also allows a few international students per year and it is free of cost. Worth looking at.

My family is in US as well, in New Jersey, but I am on a different visa then they are.

I started at Community College because it was cheap,

My family is new to US, so we have to start our lives basically from scratch, hence don’t have much in savings.

but, while writing this, a thought came across my mind about “work-study program” I think if I do “work-Study” along with my family contributing, I should be able to pay $15-$20K per year
correct me, if I am wrong!

Are you within commuting distance of any of the New Jersey public universities? One of them would most likely be your best bet. I agree that you need to talk to a transfer advisor at the community college, preferably one who is familiar with international students. I don’t know how much you will be able to work. That will depend on the specific criteria for your visa.

Work-Study? If you mean a college with a co-op program in your major, that might help. The only way this will really help is if you can commute to the job during co-op terms. Otherwise, you will have living expenses during those terms that can eat up some of your earnings. It’s not like someone hands you money and you can just put it in the bank. Even if within commuting distance, you need to keep in mind the costs of commenting.

A co-op program usually is one term of classes, one term of work and repeats until you graduate. All majors and programs and colleges do NOT offer this.

But that’s a thought that could help you…maybe.

But yes, depending on your visa, the number of hours you can work is very limited.

It sounds like you are not eligible for instate tuition status in New Jersey. Is that correct?

Did you get a two year degree in something from that community college? If so what, and could that help you find a job?

How would working instead of attending college affect your visa status? That is important to check also.

Talking to the transfer advisor at your community college who is well versed on international students could help.

If you are allowed to work on your visa then you could transfer to a 4 year school but only going part time. You could live at home and take a few courses and work to supplement what your family can afford to pay. It will take longer to get through but on your budget that may be necessary. Assuming you are allowed to work, you should be able to find a job with an associates degree in Computer Science.

Did you graduate from high school in the US or overseas? What visa are you on?

Does the community college have courses suitable for your second year? If so, can you stay another year there and then transfer as a junior if you do not find an affordable-enough four year school to transfer to this year?

All community colleges have articulation agreements with four year schools. You can be admitted to the four year school once you successfully complete your associates degree. In addition when you transfer with the associates, you transfer the degree with minimal credit loss

You can google your community college and articulation agreements to see what agreements are currently in place. As others have stated, make an appointment with the transfer advisor and plan on transferring as a junior to open more options for you

Your biggest hurdle will be money, because there is very little transfer aid available for international students.

@iwantdegree Another option would be an online degree from an accredited non-profit university. Many public universities charge the same tuition for out of state residents as for instate residents, if the student is taking only online courses . There are quite a few such schools that charge less than $10,000 per year.

Yet another option if your visa allows working in the U.S. - Get a part-time job at Walmart and use their college benefits program to earn an online degree at a cost of $1 a day.

To add to the above (too late to edit): A good possibility for an online degree is Thomas Edison State University, a New Jersey public school. Since you are currently attending a NJ community college, transfer should be fairly seamless. Ask your transfer advisor about this option.



Thank you so much for your replies!
Here’s the answer to all the question you have asked.:

TL;DR (My case is very complicated :disappointed: : )

I am on L2 visa currently (not allowed to work on this), but I am planning to change my status to F1 visa (allowed to work 20 hours per week)

My parents live in New Jersey, but I’m not eligible for in-state tuition in NJ.

I live in Massachusetts, and go to Bunker Hill Community college there.

My college has a lot of articulation agreements with other colleges, i.e getting admission in colleges is not a problem I think, the problem is affordability.
State Schools are asking around $35-40K. (which I can’t afford)

I talked to transfer advisors, all they do is give me US news list of affordable unis for intl’ students and fastweb, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ for scholarships.


What I thought of is if I can do a part-time job at 4-year college (clerical work), then I would be able to make 10K a year , and another 10K from my family could help me pay, please tell me if this would work or not?

Also, if you know any colleges which give generous financial aid or any private scholarships for international students, then please let me know.



Getting admission into college is not a problem for me, I think. My CC has Articulation agreement with Northeastern University! I made a phone call to NEU to ask for tuition, they said “you’ll have to just pay $60,000 a year”. :neutral:

I am just hoping/looking for some financial aid


Online degrees are an option, but I believe that learning on-campus is just incredible, like networking, learning to work in groups; generally just preparing for real-world, etc

You are L2 right now. Talk things over carefully with your immigration lawyer before you trade that for an F1. The whole F1 thing is messed up right now. Forget the fully online programs for now. Under current F1 rules, you can’t get that visa for a fully online program. You can be in F1 status and study at a place that is in emergency online status because of the pandemic - which is a different situation.

Given that money is such a big issue, you may be better off living with family and studying part-time on the L2. Yes, you would be ineligible for paid work, but you could do some volunteer work to get experience, and hold off on changing your visa status until you age out and have to change status. It is really hard for students in F1 status to make the kind of money you are hoping to be able to make.

Who have you been living with in MA? Why did you decide to study there? Was your L1 parent’s first US post in MA? How long does your L1 parent expect to be working in the US? And of course, will your potential US degree get you a job when you return to your home country after you graduate?

Have you been staying with friends or family in Massachusetts so your living expenses are covered?

MA has decent regional state Unis which are generally cheaper than the UMASS schools. If you are in the Boston area, Framingham State U (OOS tuition+fees $17,460) or Salem State U(OOS tuition+fees $18,480) might be commutable and worth a look. Both unis have CS as a major. If the full time cost is too high, perhaps your parents could afford to pay for you to attend part time.

@iwantdegree: How much are you paying for community college right now? If it’s significantly cheaper and curriculum feasible, then continue to stay there and transfer as a junior maybe a good idea as suggested by ucbalumnus especially during this uncertain pandemic period.

You can google for “cheapest american college tuition for international students” and you will see plenty of info (i.e., 10 Colleges Under $10K a Year, etc) but make sure to get an updated info. for each specific school you’re interested in.

Good luck!