What college would accept me? Im aiming for predental?

Hi, can anyone chance me for any colleges out there? I am looking specifically for predental universities with a decent ranking (30-40% acceptance rate) and I live in the college area if that helps.
GPA: 3.8 UW (I have taken honors/9 AP all throughout hs, except freshman year I only took 2 honors classes, scored between 4 and 5’s on AP’s)
Class rank: 10%
President and founder of photography club
President of MSA club
President of spanish club (senior year)
Varsity girls golf all 4 years
Leader of oratory facet at speach team (Varsity all four years)
Badminton (JV freshman year, varsity 3 years)
Web design competitions, 3rd place freshman year, 3rd place sophmore year, and junior and senior year, 1st place
Dental assistant job 3 years (soph-senior year)
Organized 2 annual fundraisers at my school
-Refugees need of food (2600 in sales, 1440 in profit for refugees)
-For local homeless shelter ( 1075 in sales, 750 in profit for the homeless)
Arabic recitation competitions, 1st place each year in local masjid, however state wide I ranged between 5-6 place throughout the years
I aiming for predental, but i dont know if should go to an expensive school or a cheap one, cause that way, i can outshine those there.
I was thinking WashU or Umich, and if not, NIU or UIC (Chicago resident)