What college would be right for me?

-3.6 GPA unweighed, 95 GPA weighed
-1580 SAT score (Average, I know)
-President of a club
-Fluent in 4 (almost 5) languages.
-One honors class ( I should’ve taken more, I know)
-Volunteering experience
-34/209 Class Rank (Top 20%)

Would I still have a shot at a school such as NYU or Skidmore? Or should I just attend a state school and transfer later?

What state are you in?

What is your major?

How much will your parents pay? The amount your parents will pay will largely determine where you should apply and where you can afford to attend. If your parents will pay $70k per year for NYU, then super. If not, then NYU will not be affordable.

NY, Chemistry, and I might need some financial aid but overall grade-wise do I have a shot?

The best aid goes to freshmen, so you need to target schools that will be affordable all 4 years. Run the Net Price Calculator on each school’s website to get an idea what they would cost. They seem to be fairly accurate your parents are divorced or own a business.

Do you qualify for the federal Pell or NYS TAP grants? Each gives up to ~$5k/year to eligible students. The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) can only be used in NYS, so make sure you apply to some NYS schools. You can also take the federal student loan (~$5500/year). How much will your parents pay?

Are you applying to any of the SUNYs? My son applied to a few of them and ended up choosing the one he can commute to so he can graduate with minimal debt. If you live close enough to commute to one, you may want to consider adding it to your list. SUNY Oneonta, Fredonia, and Oswego may be good options if your CR + M score is in the 1000-1100 range.

stats-wise, you don’t have a shot at NYU

might need some financial aid but


What does the above mean? How much will your parents pay? You’d get very little aid from NY…maybe $13k in aid at a school that costs $70k.

Please ask your parents how much they’ll spend each year.

There seems to be many schools that are test optional. You may want to find a list of those schools, because your class rank and grades are better than your SAT score. You might also want to take the ACT and see if you do better at that test.

You don’t have a high chance at NYU. Tuition + RB would be nearly $70,000 a year, so I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who’s not upper-class. You’d get into cringe-worthy debt.

You could get into some decent private schools, but how much can your family afford?

I second the recommendation of test-optional colleges. While Skidmore is not one, there are many similar LACs that are (Pitzer, Union, Dickinson, and Connecticut College come to mind):