What college?

<p>Hi i am 17 years old and am currently entering my senior year of high school. I want to get into a school that will lead me to medical school so that i can become a doctor or surgeon. I do want this school to be a top school that will challenge me.
SAT-1970 M-720 CR-630 W-620
GPA UW-3.6 ( my school doesnt weight gpas)
AP classes (7)
Stat, us history, calc, psychology, physics C, macro, and comparitive.
.DECA club president
.Class Treasurer
.School store manager
.earth club VP
.debate club member
.JA member
.Varsity track and football
.lots of volunteer work through clubs
.volunteer at local hospital and hospice
.work over 10 hours a week
I will work hard and get great letters of rec. Plus right good letters. Please give me some good schools, reach schools and easy schools thank u</p>

<p>My dad also passed away right befire high school started fron a terminal illness. </p>

<p>So some questions:

  • What is your home state?
  • Have you visited any schools at all? State university, smaller liberal arts schools, etc.? What did you think of them?
  • What can you afford?
  • You say you are pre-med, but you can have a lot of different majors and still go to med school as long as you fulfill the pre-med prerequisites.</p>

<p>Some things to think about:

  • Every college has a net price calculator on their website on the financial aid page. Run them with your mom’s help to see what you would be expected to pay.
  • Your main focus if you want to go to med school should be a school where you can get a good GPA, get strong preparation for the MCAT, and keep your debt down because you will likely take out large loans for med school. Getting some kind of experience in the medical field is important, but you can do that in summers if you don’t have opportunities on campus.</p>

<p>I live in DE and i visited USMA and USAFA and liked them. Also i got money from my dads life insurance that will cover a lot. </p>

<p>I don’t know too much about the service academy admissions, except that appointments are very difficult to get, and you are probably behind already if you haven’t taken steps to start the process. Can’t tell if you are saying you are interested in them or just liked the atmosphere, though. If you are interested, there is a whole forum out here for them:</p>

<p><a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/u-s-service-academies/”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/u-s-service-academies/&lt;/a&gt; </p>

<p>Your obvious in-state choice (possibly cheapest option) is University of Delaware. You should visit and check it out to see what you think. Regarding the insurance money, if it is in your name vs. your mom’s, it makes a significant difference in your financial aid picture (better if it is in your mom’s name, but that may not be how it is set up). Regarding amounts, you still need to run the net price calculators. You likely will get suggestions for schools that cost over $50,000/year from some posters out here. So you still need to plug in yours and your mom’s income & asset info to see whether they are affordable.</p>

<p>You might consider Bucknell or Lehigh.</p>

<p>Have you seen a copy of the Fiske Guide to Colleges? You should see if your guidance counselor or library has a copy (one a couple of years old is okay, the writeups don’t change much, just make sure you get more up-to-date test score ranges and cost info on schools you are really interested in). A couple of hours with that book and a pack of post-its is time well spent. </p>

<p>I have started the service academy nominations and what should i major in for pre med</p>

<p>There is also a pre-med forum out here:</p>

<p><a href=“Pre-Med & Medical School - College Confidential Forums”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/pre-med-medical-school/&lt;/a&gt; </p>

<p>You can major in anything as long as you fulfill the pre-med requirements. My nephew graduated from Williams several years ago. He was a history major, but took the pre-med classes needed as well. Is now a physician. Many pre-med students major in biology or chemistry.</p>

<p>Major in whatever interests you for pre-med… so long you take the pre-med reqs and prepare for the MCAT and whatnot you’ll be in good shape for med school. Med schools don’t value biology/biochemistry/chemistry any more than music, art history, or political science majors.</p>

<p>The sports help for the military academies. My son and I were surprised how impressed we were with the military academies. Amazing places. Good luck - hope it goes well.</p>

<p>Thank you for all your help it is so hard to choose a college </p>

<p>^^you think this is hard? wait until you get to college, OP >:) </p>