What Colleges are best for me?

<p>Hi. I'm a high school junior that had a 4.0 unweighted GPA, 4.5 weighted GPA last semester. I've taken pretty challenging courses. I'm taking Calculus AB AP, Chemistry AP, and English Language and COmposition AP. i plan on taking physics, STATS AP, and econ Ap, and AP enviromental science as my more challenging courses.</p>

<p>I received a 1900 as my highest SAT score, 600 in Critical reading and Writing, and a 700 in Math. i took the May SAT 2 and received a 670 in both chem in math lvl 2. sadly. I have very few Extracurriculars. I've taken private piano lessons since i was in 3rd grade and im no in advanced level (level 10) the highest u can go i believe. I plan on volunteering this summer, and i've volunteered about 20 hours at my local Boys and Girls Club, Im in my school's Math CLub, California Scholarship Federation, and plan on doing National Honors Society. </p>

<p>Im interesting in engineering that involves hands on, some people suggested mechnical, aerospace, but i had planned to do biomedical engineering or bioengineering. i basically am intrested in a college with a good engineering program. or a college that offers a good pathway for Pharmacy?. Im from south california that would like to stay in California in general, the west coast, but for now im just looking for options so anywhere is fine. </p>

<p>With my grades and scores i realize the UCB and UCLA is probbaly an out of reach or really relaly high reach for me, so im looking for another UC or CSU. Somewhere that would be a good match, and not too far of a reach for me. THank you. If you need anymore info on me please feel free to ask.</p>