What colleges can I go for?

<p>Hi, I have a low G.P.A. of 2.73, with SAT scores 1860, 1920 respectively for first and second try. I am going to give one last shot on pulling the SAT scores up in October. My SAT II scores were 590, 670, and 730 for US History, Math Level 1, and Biology E, respectively. I have completed two AP Exams, Chinese and Biology, with a 5, then a 4. I will go for three AP exams this year, Literature, Government and Statistics. I have interned at an international company that does architecture named St. Johnson, the Asian counterpart to the PJ/AR company. I did sports such as Badminton, Volleyball and Soccer. I attended three clubs, two of which I have been the secretary, and moved up to VP then President. I know I jabber a lot, but I just want to give as much information so that someone can help me narrow down colleges that might accept me. I really wanted to get into Maryland State University College Park or Penn State, but thats in my tops (dream schools) right now. Is there any other colleges that are decent and will accept me with this? I am more or less aiming at the East Coast, but other areas are fine too.</p>

<p>Raising you're GPA is a MUST,MUST,MUST, if you plan on going to any competitive colleges, that GPA won't get you there, SAT's are decent, try for maybe 2100 or not higher. Must retake your SAT II US History exam. It also depends on your major.</p>

<p>Are you an international? If not what is your home state and what can your family afford?</p>

<p>I think that University of Maryland College Park uses weighted GPA, and know for a fact that taking a challenging course load in high school counts for a lot with them. If you do not make the cut for fall admissions, they often offer January admission, and many people take it. You can also apply for January, and it is easier to get in. You can also apply to UMBC and then transfer to College Park if you do not like it there. It is smaller and easier to get into.</p>