what colleges can my daughter apply to

experienced parents please advise… on the colleges we can look into and scholarship we can get based on this stats… appreciate your help , totally new to this and would like to get merit/financial aid/help because i have 2 more kids to fund.

Background: Asian, Female
-Going into senior year
-Hoping to major in neuroscience/neurology, biomed/biotech, etc

Overall Weighted GPA: 3.75 (Senior GPA : n/a)

Senior Yr:
AP Literature, AP Spanish, AP Psychology, ‘Beyond AP Chem’, Gym, Stats CP1, Microsoft Certified

SAT: 740 Math, 690 CR, 780 Writing (2210) - Retaking in fall to see if I can get higher
ACT: n/a, but taking it this fall to see what happens
PSAT: 228

-Interned at Tufts Department of Psychology as a RA the summer before junior year
-Presidential Volunteer Group Award and Bronze Individual Volunteer Award (100+ hours)
-VP then President of Bollywood Dance Club for last 3 years
-Project Leader for 3 years at huge nonprofit organization - we’ve created several community projects for schools/underprivileged families each year
-Creating a mobile app for above nonprofit
-Piano for 10 years, Classical Dance for 8 years
-National Spanish Exam Award - silver for 2 years, gold for 1

What are some realistic colleges I can apply to? what kind of merit scholarship can i hope for?
I’m thinking about U of Illinois Urbana Champaign,
umass amherst
UPitt, Washington State, Rutgers,
maybe as a reach
Johns hopkins university

Remove UCB/UCLA. No FA for OOS applicants and very little merit aid.

I’m confused…are you the parent or the student? In your OP you first say you have two more kids to fund. Then you ask where YOU can apply. You aren’t applying anywhere if you are the parent, your kiddo is applying.

Are you I stare for ANY of the public universities you have listed?

Need based aid will be based on your income and assets…no way to give you info about that without knowing those numbers.

Merit aid at Duke, Tufts, and Hopkins is VERY competitive. So is merit aid from Pitt.

The public universities you have listed do not guarantee to meet full need. None have guaranteed merit awards based on stats.

Not sure how you complied this list…which seems very random to me. Could you give your criteria for colleges?

Does this student plan to retake the SAT?

Edit, saw her PSAT score. Regardless of what state you live in, she should make National Merit Semifinalist. With her GPA and SAT score, she should also make Finalist if she applies. There are colleges out there that will give full rides or full tuition+ to NMFs.

Look into Clark University perhaps (merit aid).

thx thumper1 - didnt mean to confuse you. i am the parent - but we wrote the post together … we are not in state for anything except umass. yes my d plans to take sat and act.

How much can you realistically afford to pay?
Are you willing to pay more for a particular group of colleges/universities than others?

Lots of good reading for both of you here: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/financial-aid-scholarships/1678964-links-to-popular-threads-on-scholarships-and-lower-cost-colleges.html#latest

UIUC is also horrible in financial aid.

I'm thinking about U of Illinois Urbana Champaign,.....no aid, no scholarships umass amherst....maybe some merit UPitt,....unreliable with merit, no need-based aid Washington State,....no need-based aid, not sure of their merit.
Rutgers,....no need-based aid, maybe some merit maybe as a reach UCB/UCLA .....take off your list...no aid, no merit


Johns hopkins university



the last 3 - depends on your situation. Run the NPCs on each website to find out if affordable. However, if you own a business or if there is a Non Custodial Parent, the NPCs will not be accurate.

How much can you pay each year?

Start with safeties:

http://nmfscholarships.yolasite.com/ (if National Merit)

Then look at the link in reply #6 for more lists of schools of interest.

However, unweighted HS GPA is likely more relevant. Your high school’s method of weighting GPA is likely irrelevant to colleges.

I didn’t notice that was the weighted GPA… still, as long as she doesn’t have a lot of Cs, she should be ok to make NMF.

I do not think there is a neurology major at most colleges. Also, I do not think all neuroscience majors are created the same - some are more biology focused, and some others may include more psychology-related topics, I think.

Is the travel to and from UIUC too time-consuming/costly if you live in the NE? How many times will she plan to go back home in a year? If the finance is a concern and she prefers to go home not so infrequently, it may be better to choose some college that is more accessible (in terms of the traveling cost and time) from the north east. You never know how easy for your to adjust in the first year in college. (There used to be CC parents who visited her D almost every other weekend or month during her D’s first semester when her D had some difficulty in her transition from high school to college. I do not claim this would happen – but as parents, we always worry a little bit too much about “what if.”)

What kind of income do you have? Will you get much “need-based” financial aid?

csdad - 200K income- (between both parents)
mcat2= we are convincing her to find something closer to NE.
mom2collegekids - I can pay upto 20k - what can these colleges provide as FA/loans? or are we even eligible for that

Most public universities do not give much or any need based aid to OOS students. A few top ones do, but your D’s unweighted GPA sounds low for admission to those.

Your post makes it sound like maybe the parents are separated or divorced? Is $20k the total possible contribution for both parents combined?

Ohio State might be a school to look at, they have some scholarships frost OOS students are eligible for. Not sure anyplace on her current list makes any sense financially except U Mass.

What is your D’s unweighted GPA (there will already be an expectation at the more selective schools that she is taking the most rigorous courses offered)?

At 200k income, it is highly unlikely that your D will be able to attend any school on your list with an out of pocket cost of 20k (you will most likely be full pay at many of them unless you will have other kids in college when she applies).

I agree with ucbalumnus, that if 20k is your budget, then you need to look for schools where your daughter is a good candidate for considerable merit $$ (to come within your 20K number, you will need close to 3/4 full tuition)

I looked at UMass Amherst costs for tuition, fees, insurance, room and board and it is about $24K (roughly added). I don’t know why your daughter wouldn’t want to go for that, specifically Commonwealth College. The honors college fee is $300. Or Lowell. UMass Boston is a great school but as you know is a commuter school.

Actually just found this: “Under the so-called 50-50 split reached this year in which students cover half the costs and the state covers the other half, tuition and fees for in-state undergraduate students at UMass Amherst were held at $13,258, or $24,215 after accounting for room and board. Tuition and fees for in-state undergraduate students at the other UMass campuses, not including room and board, were $11,966 in Boston; $11,681 in Dartmouth; and $12,447 in Lowell.”

Lesley has an adult learner program that is affordable but not residential, and has a program at Bunker Hill as well. Their program is less science-based and more “holistic.” My daughter is doing that program and happy with it but it sounds like your daughter wants a typical residential experience and perhaps more of a premed track-?

Again, Clark is great for psychology (but not neurology) and has merit aid http://www.clarku.edu/financial-aid/scholarships/. How about BU http://www.bu.edu/finaid/types-of-aid/scholarships-grants/merit-based/ or Northeastern http://www.northeastern.edu/admissions/cost-financial-aid/scholarships/? Tufts does not have merit aid http://admissions.tufts.edu/tuition-and-aid/types-of-aid/ Maybe she could transfer for the last two years.

Your daughter’s desired area of study may very well change. Your list is quite varied. I think it helps to decide on size, location, and “vibe” like anyone else, with the financial limitations in mind. For a really good fit, perhaps you could pay more.

Here is a liberal arts college that is developing a neuroscience program http://college.lclark.edu/programs/hhmi_collaborative_research/neuroscience_initiative/ and has merit aid http://www.lclark.edu/offices/financial_aid/merit_scholarships/. But the overall cost is over $50K. At least for out of state.This is a random choice on my part and there are countless more. If you really only want to pay $20K it may be tough and I think the UMass system is the best bet.

I seriously doubt that any of the public universities on your list (except UMass) will come in with a net cost to you of $20,000 a year. And I further doubt that the three privates you are listing will come in at that cost as well.

OOS students at public universities usually pay OOS costs…and get very little in terms of merit aid.

She would get excellent guaranteed merit aid at University of Alabama, and probably Temple University as well.

And most definitely remove UCB and UCLA from the list. Your student will be expected to pay the differential between in and out if state ($23,000) plus your FAFSA EFC (which with a $200,000 income will be in the $50,000 range or higher), plus the student contribution. Clearly more than $20,000. These schools do have some very highly competitive merit awards…but they are VERY competitive as accepted student stats at those schools are VERY high.

There are plenty of other options than the ones you listed. How did you create that list? Like I said…it looks very random to me…lots of OOS publics in very different types of locations.

ETA…your daughter will be eligible for the Direct Loans…$5500 for freshman year, $6500 for sophomore year, $7500 for junto year, $7500 for senior year.

I’m going to guess that in terms of need based aid…you won’t be receiving any…anywhere.

I concur that with your income, it is unlikely you will get any need-based aid, and that you have to focus on merit aid.

What is the UW GPA? as you get down around and below 3.5, it will become problematic for most of the schools you have listed, even to gain admission, and you may need to seek out lower tier schools to accomplish your very low EFC of $20K/yr. Northeastern is one nearby that comes to mind, but it’s a tough admit from MA - however, they do give guaranteed $30K/yr awards to NMF finalists, but that still leaves you with $35K/yr out of pocket.

Not sure where Washington State came into the picture (who from MA would want to be in Pullman???), but if she wanted to attend Arizona State, she would pay a total of $25K/yr with her stats and only $14K/yr if she is an NMF.

Quite frankly, raising her SAT scores won’t help that much if she has a lower UW GPA, because then she will have unbalanced stats. As posted previously, schools more in the neighborhood of Clark may be more realistic, esp for big merit awards. Also, with private schools, you should still expect to pay $30-40K/yr even after large merit awards, so only the well-known big publics that provide big $$ to OOS high stats kids (someone mentioned Alabama, ASU, I’m sure there are others) will be your only shot to get down to $20K.

I agree that Northeastern is worth looking into academically, but know that even with merit aid, may not be affordable without NMF status.

Is your daughter open to women’s colleges?
If so, the sciences tend to be well represented, and the opportunities for merit aid are good.
Check out Bryn Mawr, Smith and Wellesley.