What colleges do you think would be good fits for me?

I’m going to be a senior this fall and I’m not sure at all where I stand in terms of things and what level of colleges I should apply to. I have decent sat scores, but my GPA is really low. I think I want to major in math. Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to give advice!
Here are my stats:

GPA: 91.5 (it has gone up throughout high school; if you counted only junior year it would be a 94)

Junior year schedule:
AP English Lang&Comp
AP Bio
Honors US history
Honors Precalc
Pre-AP Spanish 4
Painting & drawing

Senior year schedule:
AP English Lit
AP Physics 2
AP Calc BC
AP US Gov&politics
Honors earth science
Public Speaking

SAT scores: 780 math, 750 writing, 590 reading (2120 total). (I’m taking it again to see if I can raise the reading score)

SAT subject tests: 780 chemistry, 770 math II

Math team (top scorer for my grade this year)
Science team
I attended one Model UN conference (didn’t enjoy it)
Participated in moody’s mega math challenge
I work part time at a restaurant
I am a volunteer math tutor
I also work as a paid tutor

Excellence in visual art
Excellence in Functions, statistics & trigonometry
Top junior in math
top undergrad math team scorer
top undergrad scorer on the American Mathematics Competition

Where do you live? Will you need a substantial amount of financial assistance? Are you looking for a STEM-focused school or major? What other interests and preferences do you have in terms of location, size, etc.?

I live in New England, I will not need financial assistance, and I am looking to major in math. I would prefer a small school, like anything under 7,000 ish. I would like a school on the east coast, preferably no farther south than Washington, D.C.
Thank you for responding!

Also, I forgot to mention my 2015 AP scores:
English Lang 4
Bio 4