What colleges have direct entry into vet programs?

What colleges have direct entry into vet programs? I know they are pretty competitive but I am interested in applying. I so far have only found two colleges that have a 6 yr bachelor degree and vet school program. (Purdue and Uni of Sydney).

University of Edinburgh (5 year program)
University College Dublin
Check Kansas State, Mississippi State; St. George’s.

Read carefully as some are direct admit to an accelerated program while others just enable qualified sophomores to apply early to the Vet school.

You can start with a list of accredited vet schools (if you do not have already) and then see which one interests you.


Thank you! University of Edinburgh states: “There are usually 72 places for UK applicants and 35 for international and graduate applicants each year. Competition for places is therefore extremely intense.”
What can I do to become a more competitive applicant as a junior?

Read the rest of the website! there is a lot of detail about what they want. I am pretty sure that you will need APs in Chem & Bio, and iirc they like to see that you have physics. They are most used to US students applying as ‘graduate entry’ (meaning that they already have an UG degree in something relevant-ish). In the past the vet school wanted university level science, and I don’t know if they now accept an AP as being advanced enough (UK students have A levels, which have more content than APs).

There are four schools in the US with true early admit for HS seniors. Mississippi State, Kansas State, Purdue, and Missouri.

There are others you can apply to once you start at the school. My son applied for Mississippi State and Kansas State. He chose Kansas State, did 3 years undergrad and is now in his third year of vet school and loves it there.


A friend’s daughter started at college in FL (can’t remember which one) and then applied to the Dublin program where she spent another 4 (I think) years getting her degree in veterinary medicine. She loved the program and Ireland.

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Edinburgh tells you what it wants: 3 APS in Chem, Bio and something else with a 4 or above on the test. It says it will substitute SAT subject tests, but those are no longer available. Your school will need to provide predictive grades for your senior year (and probably predict your AP scores).

Also, a lot of animal experience in diverse settings.

They will also take you after 2 years of college. Make sure you surf around the site snd are looking at USA entry requirements for the vet school (as they are more stringent than the rest of the university).

A lot of schools have matriculation (articulation?) agreements with vet schools which allow you to apply as a sophomore and get a spot contingent on performance and/or allow your fourth year of college to be your first year of vet school.

Otherwise, generally speaking, you want to drill down on prospective colleges acceptance rates to vet schools, because it is highly competitive.

Good luck.


Check Colorado State. A friend’s daughter attends there and went seamlessly to the vet school from undergrad, but I don’t know if she did it the traditional way of 4 years of undergrad and then had to apply. She always worked at the vet school while in undergrad and had a lot of contacts, so if she had to apply she was well prepared.

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OK thank you! I found it confusing as they were talking about “A level courses” and IBs so I wasn’t sure how it translated.

Keep reading, there will be s link for international requirements and then choose North America and then USA.

University of MD used to have an early admit to Maryland Virginia regional vet school ( you apply sophomore year so you don’t graduate with your undergrad class but instead go straight to the vet school your junior year I believe)
I thought Tufts and possibly Cornell also have that and I think UConn has a similar early admit program to Tufts

You should also check the Student Doctor Network site for vet med - ppl talked about 2 + 2 programs

There is also a student doctor UK Site.

I still have to take physics next year and I am taking 4 APs next year. I am taking AP bio this year. So I do not think it is possible to fit AP Chem in my schedule. Is it still possible to be admitted or no?