What colleges should I add to my list?

Okay, common app has opened and I’ve been thinking about what all colleges I should apply to. I plan on majoring in either electrical or aerospace engineering. So far I have schools like Purdue (in-state for me), Rose Hulman (also in-state),Georgia tech, UMich, and Embry Riddle. There are some colleges that I might add to this list, as there are some emroe reaches that I might apply to.

I took the ACT a while ago and got a 32. I’m taking the SAT this month and again in september. Practice tests have placed me at around 1410, but I know I can do better. Any opinions at all would help a lot

Run the Net Price Calculator on each school’s web site, then talk to your parents about what you can afford for school each year. You will be full pay for GTech and UMich being Out of State.

You sound like a good fit for Rice University as a reach. Rice gives good financial aid.

Need more info. What’s your budget? Do you want a small, medium or large school? Public or private? Geographic location?