what colleges should i apply as a senior next year?

<p>don't know if this is the right place to post this but anyways i am curious as to where i can apply to and make it in.
I will probably early action to all my colleges and do a early admission to NYU. I am aware that NYU has two dates for Early Admission and i will probably will do the very first one. </p>

<p>I am very exciting to go to college also cause of the various freedoms i will get. i want to live the city life and nothing suburban(spent all of my highschool years at the suburb and i hate it alot) and wish to live a very social life.</p>

<p>For my major: I will love to do something physics/chem based so probably something like biophysics or chem eng. I will, though, take the required courses as a premed.</p>

<p>My current gpa is a solid 3.3 UW with a challenging course load this year(4 AP's and 2 hnrs: Ap chem/psych/macro/micro; spanish V hnrs and precalc hnrs)</p>

<p>anyways my SAT score atm is a 1860. my goal is a 2300. i know it sounds a bit unrealistic but it is definetly possible with enough work.</p>

<p>assuming my gpa stays at a 3.3 or higher and my SAT comes close to a 2300 where do u think i can go?
i really wish to go to Rutgers(have lots of family friends there), UPITT(i hear they have good professors for premed there and they have a few research oppurtunities, CMU (my reach) and NYU CAS(also a reach).</p>

<p>those are 4 colleges i will definetly be applying to. how do u think i will do against rutgers and upitt with my academic performance?
i am aware that alot of of other factors count but these are more important for me atm.</p>

<p>also do you guys have any ideas where i should apply for college?</p>

<p>bump i really want some opinions guys</p>


NYU is an Early Decision school. If you apply early, you are committing to enroll. You should not do this unless you a) are certain you want NYU and b) feel confident about your financial situation.</p>

<p>Speaking of which, how much can you afford to pay?</p>

<p>Pitt sounds good for you. However, you would need to raise those stats to get merit aid.</p>

<p>What state do you live in?</p>

<p>i live in NY and i won’t be needed any financial aid. my family is well-off xP
and yeah i meant to say early decision. they have early decision twice and i am going to do the first one(supposedly increases ur chances and I really want to go to NYU CAS)</p>

<p>Okay. Good luck, I guess.</p>

<p>You do need safeties. Any of the CUNYs would suffice. SUNY Buffalo would be worth a look as well.</p>

<p>i was thinking of Rutgers as my safety or Stony Brook or Hofstra</p>

<p>A safety is a school where you are certain you will be admitted. Maybe with a 2300+ that would be Rutgers, but it definitely isn’t now.</p>

<p>ight bro. thanks for the help. could u rec me any other colleges in my reach?</p>

<p>I’d recommend Minnesota, but it sounds like you’d prefer to stay in the Northeast.</p>

<p>Perhaps the University of Maryland would be worth a look?</p>

<p>i will look into it. personally i want to stay in the tristate area or Pennsylvania. its just my preference for some reason.</p>

<p>Minnesota! 28k for out of state including room and board. Great school.</p>

<p>meh. i don’t think my parents would send me to those schools. they are ‘desi’ as in they look for places with a high south asian population. sadly i don’t think my parents are willing to send me there although i am alright with applying there.</p>

<p>anywhere else?</p>

<p>If you’re looking inexpensive compared to be private colleges etc. UNC is good and realistic to get in. Duke and UCLA are also options while having higher requirements for admission. These are good biochem schools though.</p>

<p>Also, maybe Drexel (Philly).</p>

<p>yeah price doesn’t matter to my parents anymore. we have this property on rent which will be sold for `1.2 million and they plan on using that money to pay for my tuition and for a renovation of our home.</p>

<p>Go Duke then! Amazing school with a great program. Send me a tshirt :p</p>

<p>i have heard its a challenging school to get in although i haven’t checked it’s stats yet. we had 7 people from our school get accepted to duke this year~</p>

<p>bump bump bump!</p>

<p>so i have added Duke and Drexel to my list. a couple of more colleges guys. also what are some ‘low class’ med programs u guys think i could apply to. can’t get into any of the top cause of the dam gpaD:</p>

<p>check colgate</p>

<p>hey guys. i was talking to my guidance couns. and she was telling me how tufts is a really good school and i should definetly check it out. i really don’t know much about tufts. how is it for its premed?</p>

<p>also do u think it would be hard for me to get into? like would be a reach or target?</p>