What colleges should I apply to transfer to?

I didn’t get into the colleges I wanted to from high school so I am currently attending a California Community College majoring in biology. I just finished my freshman year and am looking for colleges to apply for Fall 2019 admission. Also a premed student, if that is relevant.

My Stats

High School GPA: 4.236 weighted, 3.69 unweighted
ACT composite: 30
AP Exams: Calculus BC (5), Calculus AB Subscore (5), Biology (4), English Language (4), US History (4), European History (4)
Extracurriculars: National Honor Society, PLTW engineering student, participated in a 1 month research program for high schoolers at a CSU, summer job in a warehouse, cross country team, soccer team, robotics team, Link Crew mentor, soccer referee, volunteer at a hospital.

College GPA: 4.0
Extracurriculars: volunteer in the maternity ward at a hospital, research assistant at another hospital, NSF REU student at a state school, part time job on campus. I plan to become a science tutor and volunteer at a homeless shelter when I get back from the REU I am participating in.

I will to apply to the UCs but was considering adding some more schools (possibly elite universities.) Any recommendations?