What colleges should i apply to?!

<p>Hey guys I'm a junior and I really don't have much of an idea as to what colleges I can get into. Any help with colleges that are respectable that my r</p>

<p>Pretty good SAT scores. Definitely higher than average. You should take a look at UT Austin (not just saying that bc I'm a texan), Boston U, University of Wisconsin, DePaul, UMiami, Southwestern...</p>

<p>You should include where you want to go geographically as well as your GPA</p>

<p>What's your GPA?
Any idea at all on what you might want to major in?
What things are you looking for in a school (size, city/rural, weather, etc)?
What can you afford?</p>

<p>There are a few thousand colleges in the US and Canada, without some guidelines it will be tough to give useful advice.</p>

<p>Apply to top 20 schools, you might be able to make it. Also, what's your GPA? If it's low than that will decrease your chances.</p>

<p>My unweighted gpa is a 3.7, my weighted gpa is a 4.29. My school doesn't do class rank, they just let you know if you are in the top 10% (which I am), but from comparing my gpa to that of others it looks as though I'm in the 35-45 range out of about 575 kids in my grade. Also I go to a very competitive high school that is consistently ranked by US News Week as one of the top 50 in the country. Here has been my high school schedule:</p>

English I PAP Honors - A+
World Geography PAP Honors - A
Algebra II PAP Honors - A
Biology I PAP Honors - A-
Theatre Arts Honors - A+
Spanish II PAP Honors - A-</p>

English II PAP Honors - A
World History AP Honors - A+
Pre-Calculus PAP Honors - A-
Chemistry I PAP Honors - B+
Spanish III PAP Honors - A
Computer Science AP Honors - A+</p>

English III AP Honors - A+
US History AP Honors - A-
Spanish IV AP Honors - B+
Calculus AB AP Honors - A+
Physics I AP Honors - B</p>

English IV AP Honors
Government/Econ AP Honors
Environmental Science AP Honors
European History AP Honors
Statistics AP Honors
Spanish V AP Honors</p>

<p>Not quite sure what I'm wanting to major in, but I'm thinking along the lines of business or engineering. Not sure what I can afford either. My parents have said they will cover 100% of the costs to go to a state school (tuition, room, board, spending money, etc), and if I want to go to a private university or out of state university then I need to come up with the difference through scholarships, loans, or jobs.</p>

<p>Location of a school doesn't matter to me that much. I know I'm not an incredibly amazing student or anything, but I'd say I'm definitely above average and I've worked hard in high school so the biggest thing for me in a college is prestige and how respected it is. When I go to college I want to feel like I had to earn my way in, not that I could have slacked all of high school and still gotten into the same school. Essentially I want a college where I will feel like my high school work has paid off.</p>

<p>William & Mary (reach), UMiami (match), Wesleyan (high match/low reach), Vassar (low reach/high match), NorthEastern (low match)</p>

<p>I'm from Texas</p>

<p>Texas A&M as well</p>

<p>As I've been thinking about it I realize that I would prefer a private school over a public school. Most suggestions have been public schools, any relatively well-known private schools that you all think I could get into? Obviously not the Ivies, but I've been looking along the lines of Wake Forest, Emory, etc</p>

<p>Thanks for the help!</p>

<p>4 of the 5 I suggested are private, and ALL of them are excellent, excellent schools. W&M, Vassar, and Wesleyan are very selective. Maybe not Ivy level, but at least, if not more, selective than Emory, etc.</p>

<p>you should definitely look at Wake, Emory, Davidson, Rice. You have a decent chance at all those places. Good luck!</p>

<p>University of Washington is one of the best schools in the nation! Also try for UC's. :) Good job in high school.
I wish I had a GPA like that,</p>

<p>Look into Emory, Rice, WashU, UVa</p>