what colleges should I look at (nursing in north east)

I’m finishing my junior year of high school this year and I’m having an existential crisis about my whole high school career, so now I’m questioning if I could even get into a decent college. I want to be major in nursing and would love to go to college in the north east (I’m from Long Island NY) I would prefer a cheaper school but I’ll take any suggestions

gpa: freshman year- 3.0 sophomore year- 3.5 currently- 3.9 (all unweighted)
I’ve been in honors English all 3 years (was in AP lang this year but had to drop it because I couldn’t continue since I was put on medical leave and cannot take this class on homebound instruction), I also had to drop accounting 101 taken through a local university because of the same reason. I’m also currently in AP US history. Next year I will be in AP environmental, AP economics, and an excelsior pre calc class.

act: 28 (re-taking in June)

leadership and awards: schools lacrosse defender of the year, student of the month, co president of Anchor Club (this year and next year), I will also be attending a leadership summit for anchor club this summer

extracurriculars: Anchor/Pilot club, Class of 2017 (homecoming), DECA, Leo/Lion club, jv lacrosse (9th), varsity lacrosse (10th)

Volunteer Activities: in total from freshman year to now I have 85 hours, I am planning to volunteer at a local hospital this summer

sorry if I included too much I just want to find realistic colleges for me thanks!!!

Mount St Mary
Salve Regina
Fairfield Univ

–University of Scranton often gives good merit aid
–You should check into SUNY schools with nursing (I think Binghamton, Buffalo do and probably some other schools offer nursing as well).