What colleges should I look at with these scores?

<p>My SAT scores came in and I have a 720 in math a 590 in reading and a 660 in writing my average in school is around a 95 and I am in the top 10% of my class... what colleges should I consider?</p>

<p>We need more information:</p>

<p>What do you want to study?
What can you afford to pay, and what is your EFC?
What part of the country do you want to study in?
Do you prefer urban, rural, suburban, or small-town environments?
What size school is appealing to you?</p>

<p>I want to study engineering and I would like to stay in the Northeast. I have no preference for the environment or the size of the school and I need as much financial aid as I can get.</p>

<p>What state do you live in?
Will your family qualify for need-based aid, or do you need merit aid?</p>

<p>New York and my family will qualify for some need based aid but I will need merit aid as wel</p>

<p>Okay, here are a few suggestions:</p>

<p>SUNY Buffalo
SUNY Stony Brook
CUNY (if you raise your stats you may get into the excellent Macaulay Honors College)</p>

<p>What was your PSAT score?</p>

<p>my psat was CR:57

<p>This is really weird... you have almost the same exact stats as me and I live in NY too. You could look at CUNY City College, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Drexel, Manhattan College</p>