What colleges should I look at?

<p>I’m willing to look all through out the nation, up Midwest, up east, west coast, anywhere. Currently I've looked at a lot of big state schools such as Ohio State, Indiana University, University of Iowa.... But I am willing to look into smaller liberal arts schools. Basically, I’m really open on requirements right now. I want to go into business, but will probably focus on majoring in economics.</p>

<p>What schools do you think would be a good match?</p>


<p>Here are my stats:</p>

<p>Junior at a competitive public school.
2.8 Cumulative GPA (Every semester as been above a 3.0 excluding freshman year) Rank 44%
Averages out to a 3.4 excluding my math classes. My school is known for being very hard on our students in math, and there is severe grade deflation. Class average is usually a D. In order to make up for this, I am going to explain the situation to college admissions, and I also have proof that I'm good in math.
--720 SAT II math I
--top 5% in Missouri standardized math testing.
20 ACT (first time, and will retake, and I'm acutely going to study this time)
Took Honors Government this year, and got an A. Plan on taking AP Government test self study. Next year will take: AP English lit, AP statistics, AP US History, and AP Art History, along with honors German III.</p>

<p>Sports: Varsity Track 3 years , cross country 2 years, Ice hockey for 12years and made Varsity hockey since freshman year.</p>

<p>Clubs: FBLA-2years, school reporter and district vice president. 4th in multimedia presentation at districts. Got FBLA to sell candy bars to raise money for Alzheimer’s foundations, of which $400 was donated.</p>

<p>Community service: 100 hrs at local food pantry. Organized a local 5k run/walk which got around 200 people and all the money went to Raising money to provide heat for those whom don't have the money to pay for heating/air conditioning bills. Talked to someone whom is a principal at a Colorado school, and promoted their idea of selling glow in the dark wrist bands, and when you buy one, signed a thing saying you wouldn't drink and drive. I promoted the idea to 18 local high schools, and sold 6000 wrist bands, and raised approx $10,000, for a charity. </p>

<p>Competitions: 3rd at districts as University of Missouri Economics Challenge.
2nd in state, 38th in nation for knowledgematters business management competition. Member of Arête for academic achievement.</p>

<p>Job: Own a small online computer company which builds custom computers. I’m also a day trader. I trade in the stock market, and double the value of my portfolio every year.</p>

<p>So what schools do you think I should look in to? Safety, match, reaches.</p>

<p>anyone? please</p>

<p>Come on, give me at least one school.</p>


<p>Try looking at Lake Forest near Chicago.
Your GPA is so low, you might want to go to a community college for a semester or two and then transfer.</p>

<p>There are plenty of 4 year schools with solid business programs that will take a chance on a B- student. I agree with Mr. B's suggestion of Lake Forest. Other good possibilities: Augustana (IL), Bryant in Rhode Island, McDaniel (Maryland), Catawba (NC), Hartwick (NY), Quinnipiac (CT), Rider (NJ), Seattle U (washington state), University of Portland (Oregon), Heidelberg (Ohio), York (PA), Chapman (Calif), Whittier (CA), St. Vincent's (PA), Michigan State, Wittenberg (OH), Randolph-Macon (Virginia), University of Tulsa, Siena (NY), Dominican U (IL), Susquehanna (PA), Stonehill (MA), Indiana State U, Indiana U, Linfield (Oregon), Texas Christian U, Merrimack (MA), Oregon State U, Muskingum (OH), Mt. St. Mary's (MD), Niagara (NY), Ohio State U, Regis U (Colorado), St. Ambrose (Iowa), Coe College (IA), Wagner College (NY), Manhattanville College (NY), Widener (PA), Albright (PA), Ohio Wesleyan, University of the PAcific (CA), Juniata (PA), Concordia (MN_, Clark (MA), Goucher (MD), and Elon in NC. Whew. You'd have a solid shot at all of these schools. You won't find must of them in the standard guidebooks but they all have strong business programs. If you're male (as I suspect you are), you will have an advantage at many of them in terms of admissions because they many are skewed heavily towards female in their male-female ratio. Best of luck!</p>