What colleges should I look at?

<p>Predicted Unweighted GPA: 3.85
Predicted Weighted GPA:4.33
These are predicted, but most likely will be achieved..
I will complete numerous honor course, because at my school honors=AP
Will complete math course higher then calculus and spanish five honors..so on so forth I am challenging myself as much as I can. I will be on the yearbook staff for 4 years (3 as co-editor). Three years as some sort of editor of the literary magazine. Four years on the varsity soccer team and assistant coach of a soccer team for younger children. I am also pursuing volunteery work at a near by hospital, because I am pursuing medicine. Also I am taking numerous science classes. I am preparing for SATs a year in advance by studying and taking classes. I am aiming for 2100-2400.</p>


<p>mayb william and mary?</p>