What companies recruit from Wesleyan University?

I am thinking about having a job in business out of college. I am curious what companies recruit at Wes and if the companies that recruit at Wes recruit at other Ivy League or nescac schools.

Wesleyan, like many schools, posts its annual career outcomes/first destination report.

See here: Career Outcomes, Gordon Career Center - Wesleyan University

Fundamentally, recruiting is much more broad than just on-campus recruiting, this was the case pre-pandemic. Using the career center, personal network, school alum network, it is imperative that you seek out opportunities. You should be able to have far more options this way than the set of companies which recruit on campus.

A lot of the Boston-based and other selective consulting groups, investment banks, including the bigger names as well as several boutiques whose principals were Wes alums. Mike Whalen, the AD and alumnus, has really nailed down the organization of a strong network among athletic alumni. He connects people all the time. All anyone has to do is e-mail him and he makes it happen. He’s always constantly sending out opportunities that alumni bring to him, “so and so wants Wes candidates at XYZ bank, let me know if you’re interested.”

We found the career center and other less official channels to be great there. Not just business, but science, government, public service, etc.

If you would like to consider early career salaries as an indicator for employment opportunities in general, then you can search U.S. News, which provides this information (see example link, below). Among the 10 NESCAC LACs, Hamilton, Williams and Amherst graduates, as might be expected, take the top three positions. Wesleyan appears in the penultimate slot. However, the margins between schools tend to be not that great, and the interests and goals of recent graduates can influence the results.


As an ancillary and purely rhetorical response to all ROI, career salary rankings and polls, you might want to ask how many Hamilton, Williams and Amherst graduates go into film, dance and theater? :roll_eyes: