What Computer Science Schools can I apply to

Hi I currently have an

Unweighted GPA: 3.89
Weighted GPA: 4.05
Highly Competitive School
(1 B Freshman Year, Three Junior year in AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, and Ela 11) I got 3 B’s in Junior year because I had a hard time with depression and certain events. The counselor is going to mention that in her letter of recommendation. I am taking AP Calculus BC and doing pretty good in it so far. I am going to send my 1st quarter grades to admissions officers on November 9th, I am certain I can achieve all A’s.
12 grade Coursework: I am taking two AP’s and 2 Ib’s, I am dual enrolling next semester (Intro to C++).
SAT: 670 English, 790 Math (November, 2019) I took another SAT recently, I am fairly positive that I can beat 1460.
I have currently completed 6 AP’s
AP Chemistry : 3 ( Do not know if I should send)
AP Comp SCi: 3
AP Psych: 4
AP Calc: 4
AP Micro: 5
Ap Macro: 5
Race - Indian
Vision Zero Youth Council (Co-founder)
Lions Club (In India) - Team lead in two projects. I helped elderly get free medical check ups. My second project was giving out groceries to homeless.
I have Mediocre EC’s and have some awards
I wrote a really good Common App essay (I had professional help)
My Reccomendations should be decent.
I need help choosing computer science colleges. I am worried about the three B’s in junior year but my counselor said she will address it in her LOR and state the problems I had. Please let me know what computer science colleges I can apply to and how to better my chance of admission. I live in Michigan BTW.

Have you talked to your parents about what they will contribute for your college costs, and have you run the net price calculators on colleges of interest (including your in-state Michigan public universities)?

They said they are willing to pay anything if it means I will have a good career after I graduate. They are willing to pau any price.