What counts as Legacy?

Next fall I am applying to Lehigh University ED1 with a 29 ACT, 30 superscored and I was wondering if my two uncles who went to lehigh qualify me as a legacy applicant or not? also if they don’t could I just get an alumni recommendation letter

Most schools think of legacies as parents of children applying, but I don’t know about Lehigh.

At most schools, it has to be your mom or dad. A few schools count grandparents, brothers/sisters, aunts, and uncles. Not sure if their policy has changed, but check this out: http://mylehigh.lehigh.edu/s/1127/interior-hybrid.aspx?sid=1127&gid=1&pgid=2896&contentbuilder=1
It appears that Lehigh does count uncles in their legacy determination.

Thank you

That is very nice. I didn’t know that siblings, nieces, and nephews got legacy status!